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Not the man now.

Speaking of Ye Historye of Ye Internete… whatever happened to You’re the Man Now, Dog?

I still unironically love the YTMND format—it’s pretty much the distilled essence of neo-dada—and its ignominious demise is a lesson in the damage the follows in the wake of libertarian-style un-moderated “social media-ification”…

2018-12-03T09:53:04+11:0024th April, 2019|Tags: internet, meme, pop culture, tech|

Five items you’d put in a salt circle to summon me:

  1. Barossa Shiraz
  2. MacBook Pro
  3. Hot Takes (verbal component)
  4. a five-star review you wrote of one of my novels
  5. assorted ferns and crystals, for the aesthetic.
2018-09-10T07:53:18+10:007th September, 2018|Tags: meme|

Oogachaka! Oogachaka!

How Nine Inch Nails’s art director was (accidentally) responsible for the Dancing Baby meme.

That one, I did not see coming.

2018-02-12T14:48:08+11:0026th July, 2018|Tags: internet, meme, pop culture|


So no matter how many times I listen to this, and on what device, all I can ever hear is “Yanny”. I even fiddled around with the equalizer; still only Yannies. It’s only on the “extreme” edits, i.e. when people delete the entire upper tone range, that the Laurel emerges.

Interestingly, I played this for my husband, who is deaf enough to wear hearing aids, and has particular difficulty with high tones, and he apparently hears… a weird combination of both words. So go figure, I guess.

2018-05-17T08:50:18+10:0017th May, 2018|Tags: meme, science|

I’m seeing that Elan Gale airplane fight Tweet stream going around on my dash again, so this is your periodic reminder that Gale is a TV producer and the “fight” was both a hoax, a marketing stunt, and grossly misogynist.

So… yeah. Let’s not, hey.

2017-09-05T19:42:24+10:004th December, 2015|Tags: culture, meme, tumblr|