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Delete your Twitter.

Your regularly scheduled reminder that Twitter is a cesspit that actively makes the world worse and that there are significantly better alternatives.

Disclaimer: I still have a Twitter account though it’s mostly a placeholder. I use it mostly for promotion and following a bunch of journalists as a kind of lazy cross-publication newsfeed.1 But all casual/social/personal stuff goes to Mastodon.

  1. And desperately wish there was a better alternative for the latter. []
2020-05-27T10:57:44+10:0027th May, 2020|Tags: mastodon, social media, tech, twitter|

Kpopcalypse 2019.

… Lest we forget.

This whole experience1 was wild, and someone way more articulate than me I’m sure could make hay writing some kind of retrospective about:

  • clashing online community mores
  • emergent user behaviors engendered by commercial social media’s growth-at-all-costs mindset
  • the “too-cool-for-you-plebes-but-oh-gods-please-acknowledge-my-greatness” dichotomy in “influencer”2 culture

… and probably many, many more!

  1. Tl;dr, Twitter kpop fandom crashed the Fediverse en masse, caused damage for about half a day, then was pretty much banned indefinitely from every server they invaded. []
  2. What we used to call “BNFs”, back in Ye Oldene Dayes. []
2019-03-18T11:28:23+11:0014th March, 2019|Tags: mastodon, social media|


The beauty of getting someone else to do your infrastructure for you: last night while I was sleeping, was updated to Mastodon v2.7. This release has a bunch of new features, the main one being the directory (pictured above).

To say the directory was an, ahem, controversial feature would be butting it mildly, so the end result is opt-in via a setting on your profile.

Mastodon edit profile screen with the directory opt-in settin circled.

Opting in to the directory.

It’ll be interesting to see how this feature evolves, and in particular how it impacts the use of things like content tagging. But for now… there it is!

On the other hand, the main thing I’m jazzed for in 2.7 are the new moderation features, specifically the ability to send people narky emails from the UI when they do naughty things.1 Which, of course, no one is doing, because pretty much everyone on the instance is too nice. But, yanno. One day!2

  1. Or, yanno. ~gentle admin reminders~. []
  2. And in the meantime… I just suspend the spambots. Spambots don’t get emails, they just get banhammered. []
2019-04-29T12:03:32+10:0022nd January, 2019|Tags:, mastodon, social media|



So I’ve been trying to get the ActivityPub WordPress plugin working at for a while, to no avail. I’d kind of narrowed it down to it tripping over some kind of nginx config error, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what, exactly.

Then, today, I actually (ahem) bothered to check the site error logs. And, er. The plugin issues listing on Github. Which… helpful, turns out.

So apparently the default WordPress nginx config file I’ve been using prohibits access to period-prefixed files. Unfortunately, ActivityPub’s Webfinger endpoint thingie is a /.well-known, so it was getting 403’d. Knowing that, plus actually bothering to read this issue, and I added the following just above the existing dot-prefix deny directive:

location ~ /\.well-known {
  allow all;
  try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

And, well. Et violà!

Mastodon interface profile for Screenshot.


So, yeah. Now if you need yet another channel for me to spam you on, you can find it at on the Fediverse!

2019-01-13T15:45:38+11:0013th January, 2019|Tags:, fediverse, mastodon|

The decentralised web.

Interesting interview with Eugen Rochko, a.k.a. Gargron the creator of Mastodon, on the growing resurgence of the decentralised, federated web.

2019-01-13T11:41:56+11:0013th January, 2019|Tags: mastodon, privacy, social media, tech|

I think it’s telling about the alienating effect of corporate social media that the most common new user interaction I see on Mastodon is:

[random musing about some feature they don’t understand/piece of etiquette they don’t get]

[helpful answer]

omg I didn’t actually expect to get nice people helping out lol

2018-12-17T15:17:27+11:0016th December, 2018|Tags: mastodon, social media|

Anonymous asked:

hi! i’m interested in joining fandom-ink, but i wanted to know if your instance is or will be blocking certain other instances to protect against potential harrassment and abuse. sorry if you’ve already addressed this and i overlooked it.

Yup, the server-level blocklist is based off the one published by dzuk.

2018-12-11T08:20:50+11:008th December, 2018|Tags: anonymous,, go ask alis, mastodon|

So to any fandom people looking for a new home in the post-Tumblr world, I’ve set up as a fandom-friendly and fan-run Mastodon instance.

I’m still setting up some things like the terms of service (and the all-important custom emoji), but general policies will include:

  • moderation for harassing or abusive content
  • allowed adult content (with content warnings in public timelines)
  • no ads, tracking, or user monetization.

For those unclear on Mastodon, it’s a Twitter-like social network, a primer on which may be found here. Any other questions, feel free to ping me. Otherwise, um… enjoy?

2018-12-04T20:21:18+11:004th December, 2018|Tags: fandom, mastodon, social media, tumblr|

Kind of want to turn my old domain into a Masto instance, but also don’t really want all the aggro of admining a Masto instance…

2018-09-10T08:27:55+10:006th September, 2018|Tags: mastodon, social media, tech|
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