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Rub the money on the skin.

As someone who spent most of her life with terrible skin, it was eye-opening to finally step into the world of luxury beauty products and realize that, uh. Yeah. Actually rubbing $400 worth of creams on your face every day1 really does do wonders for the skin.

  1. I mean, like. The sum total of said creams is about $400. Not that the amount I put on every day is worth $400. Although I’m sure there are people whose daily routines do total at least that much, so… []
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I mean, like… on the one hand, Farhad Manjoo has pretty much made a career out of being the Hot Taker’s Hot Taker. But, like, on the other? I’m kinda okay with anything that attempts to normalize makeup wearing for blokes. And not just because I suspect a lot more dudes wear at least some form of makeup than they’re comfortable admitting.1

  1. I see way too many young guys with suspiciously muted acne nowadays to believe anything else… []
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The make-up tax.

On painting faces.1

I’ve only recently discovered I quite like make-up. Every now and again I go through a phase of wearing it every day, but never for more than a few weeks at a time; my default go-to look is still without. It also took me a very long time to realize just not not-normal my non-made-up face was; mum didn’t do makeup either, so I just assumed most women didn’t. And… all just had naturally flawless skin. As opposed to me. It was only when I started looking more closely at the texture of skin–rather than the overall color–that I realized everyone really did have just as much acne and scarring as I did, they just knew how to paint over it.

So I learnt. How to cleanse and moisturize, how to put on concealer, and blush, and powder. I’m still rubbish at eyes–I can’t use eyeliner to save my life–but I know how to do just enough of the “non-makeup makeup” look to pretend I, too, have a perfect flawless complexion.

It was a surprisingly liberating feeling.

But I still don’t do it every day. Most importantly, when I feel that applying makeup moves from the “fun ritual” into the “ugh, again?” basket, that’s when I stop for a while.

It’s worth noting that I have a job where I can choose to do this; I’m not in a service industry and I’m not usually on public display (though I do usually crack out the makeup for when I am). Not everyone does.

  1. As an aside, as this is an older article, it also serves as an… interesting historic reminder of the little ways the press used to get stuck into Clinton. []
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The no makeup makeup look.

It took me 30 years to realise I looked exactly as blotchy and pale and puffy and covered in acne as everyone else, they were all just wearing “no makeup makeup” and I wasn’t.

Perfect complexion: brought to you by NARS and bareMinerals.

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Continuum 11 post-con roundup.

So yeah. Wow. That was Continuum. My first Real Live SFF con and also, terrifyingly, the first con I was speaking as a panellist at. I figured it would be a way to meet people, which it was, but also, holy shit. Speaking in front of roomfuls of people.

We were in the “big room” for both panels (more on which in a bit) and, like, spoiler alert, but for all I fake this confident, jetsetting, rich hipster persona online I am super fucking shy in the real life. So I fumbled through my intros and babbled through the half the points I wanted to make while forgetting the others, but hey. I did it. So yay me. Achievement Unlocked: Panelist.

Anyway, that was only about two hours out of the three days (the con is four, but we had to fly home on Monday, so I missed that day… boo Qantas), so what was I doing for the rest of the time? Going to other people’s panels, of course, because I am a talking heads fucking junkie. And also spamming my Twitter feed with livetweets which, sorry not sorry, because the con was great and y’all should’ve been there.


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Makeup Monday: My first Lust have it! box

So somewhere in between moving house, submitting manuscripts, and getting into car accidents,1 I received my very first box from Lust have it!. This is an Australian version of the more famous US beauty boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy. I figured it would be a good way to try new makeup and beauty products I wouldn’t buy of my own accord, without feeling like I’d “wasted” money on a wrong-coloured lipstick or too-greasy moisturizer.

Anyway, my inaugural box arrived a week or so ago, got decamped, and promptly forgotten about in the process of moving. But, lo! For I have nonetheless been using some of the products. I’m not sure which “month” this box is supposed to be, but it seems to be most of the products from January, with one thing swapped out for something from December. Fortunately, the swapped-in thing ended up being my favourite item in the box. So… yay for substitutions.

And now, with that said, the product list:


  1. Everyone was okay, if you’re wondering. []
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One month of makeup.

So about a month ago, some of you will remember I decided to start wearing makeup. I watched some tutorials on YouTube, went out to Big W and splurged on a starter kit, and practiced dolling myself up.

This is an update on how that’s working out. In a word: surprisingly good. I… actually really enjoy it? Like, I enjoy the act of looking at different makeup products, trying to work out how looks are created, and then applying them to myself. It’s fun. Like painting is fun, except it’s on my own face in the mirror every morning instead of, like, on PhotoShop once or twice a year when I remember I did art once upon a time. It takes me about fifteen minutes to “face up” in the morning, which has been surprisingly easy to integrate into my notoriously strict morning regime (my time from bed to office is super, super low, and I usually get super, super aggro if anything interrupts it).

So yeah. Makeup. I wears it. And I’m still not a huge pro, but I’ve learnt a lot of stuff, and because I guess maybe it might be useful to someone out there at some point, here are the things I’ve learnt and, more importantly, the products I’ve been using.

As a note, these are all drugstore brands, with one exception I’ll get to in a moment. This exception aside, everything here is either Revlon and L’Oréal, which I chose because they seem to be pretty sensible Big Name brands sold at mid-range price points (also because the displays are next to each other in the Bigdub). My criteria for choosing products was that they had to be, a) long-lasting, and b) relatively subtle. That is, I was going for a “non-makeup-makeup” look, and it had to last all day. Overall, this was super successful. Yay me.

And now, for a peek inside my First Month’s Makeup Bag.1


  1. Well. Drawer. Actually it’s a drawer. []
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Alis vs. make-up.

I’ve never worn make-up.

Well, this isn’t entirely accurate, but I’m discounting my teenage goth misadventures with black lipstick and I’m hoping you will too because… yeah. No one needs to remember that.

So. I’ve never worn make-up.

This is probably because my mum doesn’t wear it, and never has. I remember when I was about ten or so, she went through a phase of trying to “do make-up.” I went with her to the Big W and watched as she filled up her basket with lipsticks and eyeshadows and mascaras and all kinds of things. We went home, and she tried it out, and… I think maybe she wore it, like, a dozen times after that? I dunno. I definitely remember what she looks like “made-up,” but don’t recall actually seeing her with make-up on for a good few decades. I do remember all the CoverGirl going into the bin, however, and that being the end of that.

Prior to today, there’ve been exactly two times in my life when I’ve worn “full” make-up. Like, not just a half-assed smear of black on my lips or eyes, but actually proper primer-foundation-concealer-powder style stuff. The first time was when I was matron-of-honour at my friend’s wedding, and was applied by her mother. The second was when I got my author bio photos taken, with make-up applied by the photographer’s wife. Other than that… nothing. And I’d never done it myself; I just didn’t know how. I knew it was complicated, and there were all these… things and they all had to go on particular parts in particular orders and whatever, but all that meant was I knew make-up was difficult and had no clue where to even start.

Well. One of the things I decided to do in 2015? Was even start. (more…)

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