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MACBOOK: Would you like to update to macOS Catalina?

ME: Yeah sure go for it.

MACBOOK: You haven’t backed up in over four hundred days… would you like to do that first?

ME: That means I’d have to go into the other room and clean my desk, so… nah.

MACBOOK: Bold choice, human.

2019-10-15T08:27:06+11:0010th October, 2019|Tags: apple, macos, tech|

Apple search.

So those of you who keep up with computer news may know that Apple is beefing up search in the next release of OS X, Weed Yosemite. If anyone still thinks this isn’t because the latest round of the Computer Wars are going to be between Apple and Google, remember that Apple has announced Bing as its default search provider for this new service.

Yeah. Bing.

It’s true I use Google (or, well, DuckDuckGo nowadays) for a lot of simple, single answer questions. Things like “1201/3012”, or “USD 9.99 in AUD”, or “current time in UTC”. Because I always have a browser open somewhere, and it’s generally easier than launching some kind of dedicated app. Being able to type these same questions into Spotlight and get the same instant answers?

Yes please. Do want.

2019-04-29T11:26:53+10:003rd August, 2014|Tags: apple, google, macos, tech|

Nostalgia central!

Ever wanted to know what Windows looked like back in 1985 (or just wanted to refresh your memory)? Well, now you can run it in a browser. Other browser-based OS emulators include Mac OS System 7 (1991), Windows 3.1 (1992), Mac OS 8.6 (1999), and even Windows 95.

It’s interesting to see how things have changed over the years, particularly with the difference between 95 and Windows 7 (the last Windows that kept the same basic appearance), or between OS X 10.2 and the current 10.9. No huge jumps, just little steps, taking and removing things until we’ve got the OSes we’re used to seeing today.

Also: if you’re reading this and still running Windows XP? Please don’t. Get something else, anything else, right now. (Ubuntu‘s quite nice, for example. And free!)

2019-07-31T09:29:37+10:001st April, 2014|Tags: macos, tech, windows|

The green light is not enough.

This isn’t new exactly, but it’s worth reminding people. Basically, don’t do anything in front of your laptop camera you wouldn’t want someone covertly recording. (For me, admittedly, this is mostly slouching on the couch in a wholly unflattering, double-chin-creating sort of way. But still…)

2017-07-17T10:51:58+10:0019th February, 2014|Tags: infosec, macos, privacy, tech|

Things: Standing still is not enough.

I loved Things. I bought it when it first came out, then followed it as it jumped across platforms, dutifully shelling out the cash every time.

About two days before reading this article, however, I remember staring at it, feeling the mid-naughties catching up to me. Things is functional, but it looks old. Not just that, but it’s missing all the seamless-cloud-sync-interoperability-synergistic-bullshit I’ve come to expect from productivity apps in this, the close of 2013. My particular issue was it not syncing with my calendar; I was trying to use it as a replacement for Basecamp, which I love, but which is much too expensive to use for personal todo tracking when the free period runs out (as mine had). With Things, I’d always be caught between creating todos in it versus creating them in Calendar. Not cool.

So, based on the article, I tried switching to Asana, and love it; for me, it’s a perfect compromise between Basecamp and Things, plus it’s free (well, for me, being cross-subsided by the big companies who license it).

Sorry, Things. It’s been fun, and I wish you luck, but our time together is over.

2019-07-31T09:04:52+10:0028th December, 2013|Tags: apps, ios, macos, tech|
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