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littlelostsock asked:

Your blog did the “ask/fan mail” limbo to me too! After I scrolled past the Tom Baker post, the pop up from the bottom keeps popping up even when you cancel it. I’m on Tumblr mobile if that helps?

Yeah, I’ve seen people on my Dash complaining about it happening on other Tumblrs, too, so I think it’s maybe just the mobile app being buggy? 

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littlelostsock asked:

Okay, I get that the Tumblr app sucks, but how much data overage does one have to accrue to get a SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR PHONE BILL holy HELL ALIS did you get a bill or a MEDAL

I got a bunch of really uncomfortable stares at family dinners from my in-laws is what I got, given the phone is paid from on their business plan…

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