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Me: … and yeah it’s totally the little things that throw you out. Like I was reading this one fic where a character put his shoes in the washing machine and everyone acted like it was totally normal.

Literally everyone I know: It’s totally normal to put shoes in the washing machine! I’m washing my shoes right now!

Me: … wtaf?

Everyone: How else do you get clean shoes?

Me: … w t a f ?

2019-07-16T09:32:48+10:0015th July, 2019|Tags: life|

I just purchased and hung up a three-in-one clingfilm/paper towel/alfoil dispenser for my kitchen, and I think it’s literally the Most Adult thing I’ve ever done.

Like, it’s so adult I remember when my mum bought her original three-in-one dispenser and hung it up. It’s like some kind of… inter-generational homeowner tradition thing or something.

2018-09-10T15:00:26+10:0011th July, 2018|Tags: life|

Yo, protip, random dude: If my dog shies away from you patting him, stop coming after him. Particularly when you’re scaring him onto the road! When there’s a car coming!

Seriously this happened last night and I’m still mad about it.

2018-09-10T14:58:11+10:006th July, 2018|Tags: life|

Scenes from the gym.

Me: [Walks into our apartment building’s gym. It’s usually empty this time of day, but this evening there’s an older guy watching TV.]

Him: [Noticing I’m holding an iPhone and a portable speaker.] I can turn the TV off. I’d prefer to listen to music, anyway.

Me: Um. Actually I was going to listen to an audiobook about corporate sponsorship of the rise of ultra-conservative Christianity in the US.

Him: … oh. [Leaves the TV on while I read on my iPhone instead.]

2016-11-24T08:39:32+10:0024th November, 2016|Tags: life|

March madness.

So it occurs to me that, by the end of the month, I will have:

  1. Submitted a manuscript.
  2. Bought a new apartment.
  3. Moved into the new apartment.
  4. Adopted a dog (probably).

That… is a pretty busy 31 days.

2015-03-10T08:47:21+10:0010th March, 2015|Tags: life|