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Dorks again.

Basically what we learnt from this is “you’re going to have to ink it anyway, so start with that next time.”

Also working from home is very productive for doodling in the sketchbook I have next to the desk…1

  1. I work on stuff in like five-to-ten minute bursts in between doing Actual Work, Corporate Overlords, I swear! []
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Fun with markers.

… I swear to every Weeaboo god I used to have like ten thousand pencilboards and now when I actually need one I’m forced to resort to using an old Saiyuki document sleeve.

Anyway. Markers over sketches are fun! Also: Lain as a Pokémon trainer, for some reason. Lain’s team is Blaziken, Delphox, Salazzle, Noivern, Corviknight, and Archeops. I think Sigmund’s would be Galarian Rapidash, Lycanrock, Milotic, Mismagius, and (the nuclear option) a Kyurem and a Reshiram.1

Incidentally, Original Form Lain used to get around in an “ugly chartreuse sweater”, mostly because it was the color of pencil in my giant box of pencils I found the most curious. He got a bit more fashionable over the years, going through a visual kei phase in the early 2000s, before settling on a generic hipster look for his current, published, incarnation. And now we come full circle, with gender-ambivalent post-Bad Meme Lain,2 back once more in his oversized ugly chartreuse sweater and loudly clashing nebula leggings.

Never change, Lain. Never change…

Edit: Aa-aa-aa-nd with a bit more of Lain filled out.

  1. a.k.a. Sleipnir, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Hel, Sigyn, and Loki. []
  2. Not to mention post-post-Bad Meme Sigmund, with his beard and long hair… []
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