? Knitting update!

Currently making: Experimental Poncho. Because I like ponchos, and don’t like following patterns.

Progress thoughts:

  • I love this yarn so much. It has a beautiful soft texture and half of me knitting is just me wanting to feel it more in my hands.
  • How does one consistently make the yarn join knots go on the back? I’ve mostly managed it but one snuck through to the front and… guh.
  • So the idea is this will be a cowl neck. When I get to the main part should I flip the work over so the knit-stitch side is “outside” for both the neck and the body?
  • I need to learn how to add stitches. I think I might have to get out my little needles and make a mini version in practice to get the shapes down… (Pattern? What pattern?)
  • I am going to need a bigger wire for the body part.
  • I am definitely going to need more yarn, which is a pain because the company ships via FedEx and FedEx is awful…


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? Roach’s Too Big Hat

Oh yeah I finished my first “real” knitting project. My favorite part was accidentally making a rolled hem just by not being very good at magic circle knitting.

Not quite the shape I was going for, but definitely fit the brief of “a beanie that isn’t too small for once” (yes I have an enormous head).

Next project: I ordered like a million balls of chunky cotton yarn to make a lightweight shawl with. Wish me luck!

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So last Sunday, just before D&D, I got this massive urge to learn how to knit. Mostly because I’d been looking up dark mori images after getting hit with a New Writing Project Idea, and also because I like knitwear, and. Well. It seems like a useful skill to have to prepare for the inevitable oncoming collapse of society and/or my plans to retire to the woods to become a bog witch in my old age.


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