1. It’s only taken, like, over ten years but v1.0 of JournalPress is here! I think it… should be mostly fine? If not, report any issues at GitHub (because I hate life, apparently).

2. Speaking of GitHub (and hating life), I have posted up my Tumblr/WordPress crossposter, creatively called TumblPress. I never actually added this to the WordPress plugins repo because it requires a bit of manual fiddling and so isn’t exactly plug-n-play. But if you don’t mind doing that, it… should probably work. Ish.

Either way… enjoy!

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Fannish todo list for 2019:

  • Finish updating JournalPress. Mostly done! Currently in testing.
  • Probably update Avalicious!, too (I’m sure it has the same garbage code) and maybe WP_Flock (currently completely dead).
  • Revive my old webring script (see previous comment re. garbage code).
  • Have a crack at a “naked” HTML5 S2 base for Dreamwidth themes.
  • Update Dreamwidth inbox checker browser plugin for Firefox.
  • Maybe do an AO3 one, too.
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