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Calling Karen…

I’ve been “playing” Karen for the last few weeks, with quotes around “playing” because it’s not really a “game” so much as it is a visual choose your own adventure novel parcelled out in timed episodes. You know the companion story quest cutscenes in BioWare games? Well, imagine an iPhone app which is just those, without all the monster-killing in between.

Which is kind of a shit write-up–hey, there’s a reason I don’t write my own blurbs–but I do really like Karen in general and this form of interactive storytelling in particular. I didn’t find the app quite as intrusive or challenging as the marketing blurb makes it out to be, however, probably because I’m already used to interacting emotionally with scripted NPCs who remember things I’ve done in the past and use the information against me (thanks, BioWare). Which, come to think of it, is an interesting observation in and of itself…

Anyway. Karen. Go grab it.

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The Return of the Crypto Wars.

A little while back now, Apple announced it was beefing up the encryption in its iPhone devices. In the US, the Feds promptly flipped their shit, dragging out all the old “drug dealers, kidnappers, and terrorists (oh my)” talking points as to why full-device encryption (that they couldn’t get into) was Letting The Bad Guys Win. Meanwhile, INFOSEC guru Bruce Schneier explains what’s really at stake.

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Hanx Writer.

Yes, THAT Tom Hanks.

Yes, THAT Tom Hanks.

That’s it. Everyone go home. We now have the most aggressively hipster iPad text editor possible.

(It is actually pretty fun to use, though. And brings back nostalgia of using our old shitty ribbon typewriter when I was a kid. Not because we didn’t have a computer and a printer at the time–because we did–but just because I liked the mechanical feel of the keys and the effects in the ink.)

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The iOS App store sucks.

Seriously, Apple. Get on that, huh?

Also, while Arment’s article is mostly about indie developers tied into the walled garden of Apple’s iOS ecosystem, indie authors inside the Great Wall of Amazon may also wish to take some notes.

Or not, I guess. Up to you.

(Related, my pet App Store hate: if I accidentally download an app because I mistake it for another app, I can never fully delete it. It’s always there, lurking in my account, reminding me of my mistake, ready to sync onto any new device I plug into the cloud…)

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Location-based security for smartphones.

This is a pretty cool idea from Apple; changing your phone’s security settings based on location. So, say, making it so you don’t have to constantly re-enter your screen unlock password when you’re in your house.

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