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The story of the team who made iOS’s original emoji icons. Most importantly:

Sometimes our emoji turned out more comical than intended and some have a backstory. For example, Raymond reused his happy poop swirl as the top of the ice cream cone. Now that you know, bet you’ll never forget. No one else who discovered this little detail did either.

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My favourite part about Pokémon GO is how it’s revitalised the discussion about just how GIANT and TERRIFYING most Pokémon are.

Like, my Golbat is 1.32 metres tall. That’s over four foot, or nearly the height of a (short) adult human. A Golbat. I mean, just look at that fucking thing, man. It’s like 90% mouth and flies and is the size of a person. Like WTF, man. What. The. Fuck.

Pokémon. Fucking terrifying man. Terrifying.

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Pokémon GO reminds me of those pedometer Pikachu you used to be able to get in the 90s, albeit with more graphics.

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The price of free is YOU.

Forget the government, it’s your phone apps that are chronically spying on you.

I got addicted to Clicker Heroes recently, which is one of those idle-/tapRPG games. I played it for about a week when I noticed my phone was absolutely destroying my data allowance.1 So I reset the “what apps have been using my data?” tab, let the phone run for a bit, came back to it and by far the biggest consumer of my 4G data? Clicker Heroes.

Uh. How ’bout no? I’ve got no idea why an offline game should be chattier over the internet than, say, Tumblr, but I don’t like it. So that got its internet access disabled.

Thankfully, it still worked afterwards.2 The last app I went through something similar with, Kim Kardashian: Hollywoood, didn’t. Which, incidentally, is why I no longer play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

  1. Shock, horror! Yes, some of us still have those in some parts of the world. []
  2. I assume now it just saves up all its spying data and pumps it back when I reconnect to wifi. []
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iPhone unlock hack.

So fair’s fair. I posted about the Android lock screen hack a little while back, now here’s the iPhone equivalent.

I’m not necessarily going to point out that it’s a fair bit more involved than just typing a really long password, but… it’s a fair bit more involved than just typing a really long password, hey.

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Help the new update means I have to use the default Tumblr iOS app. I’m sorry Dash I love you but you’re not worth this.

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iOS 9 content blocking is designed for privacy.

It’s designed to stop tracking scripts, in other words, not advertising.

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Calling Karen…

I’ve been “playing” Karen for the last few weeks, with quotes around “playing” because it’s not really a “game” so much as it is a visual choose your own adventure novel parcelled out in timed episodes. You know the companion story quest cutscenes in BioWare games? Well, imagine an iPhone app which is just those, without all the monster-killing in between.

Which is kind of a shit write-up–hey, there’s a reason I don’t write my own blurbs–but I do really like Karen in general and this form of interactive storytelling in particular. I didn’t find the app quite as intrusive or challenging as the marketing blurb makes it out to be, however, probably because I’m already used to interacting emotionally with scripted NPCs who remember things I’ve done in the past and use the information against me (thanks, BioWare). Which, come to think of it, is an interesting observation in and of itself…

Anyway. Karen. Go grab it.

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