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A long (and somewhat awkwardly formatted)1 list of third-party content host “deaths”.

If you want to know why I’ve pretty much never seriously run my site on a third-party host,2 this list is basically the answer.

  1. And also incomplete; I can find at least one oldskool blogging/proto-social network site that I’m 99% sure is dead and isn’t included on this list. []
  2. I had a short flirtation with Squarespace and circa 2014-ish, but… mostly nah. []
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A short history of the Russian internet.

Insert obligatory “In Mother Russia” joke here.1

Reminds me of all the discussions that went around when the Russian-owned SUP bought out LiveJournal a decade ago…

  1. Literally, in this case, given it’s the title of the post… []
2019-04-29T12:06:45+10:0027th August, 2019|Tags: culture, internet, tech|

Oppa 90s style!

A browser-based, well. Browser. In this case, the OG 1990 version, called WorldWideWeb.

Since it’s not necessarily obvious by modern standards, this is a fully working web browser, albeit one that only supports the version of HTML that existed in, literally, 1990. But it will still browse to any modern website (Document › Open from full document reference), and it’s definitely… interesting to see what works and what doesn’t.1

  1. works! And… is surprisingly navigable. []
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10 years.

A way better “10 years” meme: how popular websites have changed over the last decade.

According to the whois I just checked, 2019 is‘s ten year anniversary,1 although it was mostly just an email alias/redirect for most of that time and thus doesn’t really have a layout to go back to. On the other hand, 2019 is the twentieth anniversary of My First Blog,2 which was at LiveJournal… and that I still have access to (albeit never use).

… It’s probably for the best that most of all of that is gone, really.

  1. For curiosity, the oldest domain I still own I registered in 2003. I haven’t actually used it… in nearly a decade, I think. []
  2. Though I think not website; I think the first static page I made was in circa 1998. It was, ironically, about what would eventually turn into Liesmith. []
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As someone who, was indeed, “building it themselves” in 1999 (where “it” is “a blog”), I am totally all over this retrospective on early social media

(Also, man. DreamBook and Pitas… I’d totally forgotten about DreamBook and Pitas!)

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Automatic previews.

Using automatic website previews to generate feature images for OpenGraph metadata.

I really like this idea a lot, and stole it for my own little plugin that adds the OG meta to the top of link posts.1

  1. Including this one, in fact. []
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The web isn’t a cool geek playground any longer. It is a vital part of everyday life. And decades of trying to find a way to monetise something open and decentralised took their toll. When I look back at when I started publishing on the web there was a genuine “build it and they will come”. Or, to be more precise, “write it and they will come” – as good content, structured in a clear way, was the big winner. To a degree, it still is, but the question is who will come.


Good content still gets you found. But it also invites a lot of people to quote, steal or find some other way to associate their – often terrible – products with it.

Christian Heilmann on the new web.

… Yeah I admit it. I just like the irony. Definitely go read the rest of the article, though, particularly you oldskool DIYers out there.

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