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“Smile, bitch.”

Also, one note, from creator Janelle James:

I’ve been seeing on the YouTube comments, the racial aspect, that all the harassers are black. That was something that I super considered when I was casting it, I had a wide array of men that were supposed to be in it, but unfortunately when you’re working on a super-tight budget and you’re not paying people, you don’t always get what you want. Not because I thought the sketch needed it but because I knew this would happen, because of the racial times that we’re in, and how race is treated in this country, I knew that would happen. I even had a separate section of the sketch that was specifically for a white guy who was going to be the biggest douchebag ever, but he pulled out. I had a Hispanic guy who didn’t show up. Now it’s less about the “smile, bitch” and it’s turning into a thing about black men, and that was never my intention. But I wasn’t gonna not do my sketch, because the people who did show up are awesome and hilarious and my friends.

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Dear Online Writer…

It has come to my attention that you are [a person of color/woman/ LGBTQ/differently abled/immigrant] and you have posted an online essay suggesting that your situation in life is somehow challenging because of a circumstance relating to people who are not in your condition. As an Internet commenter, it is my mouse-driven duty to anonymously respond to your post. I’m not sure what would happen if I failed to do so, but I saw what happened when they stopped pushing the button in LOST so I will not take any chances.

–So begins Jeff Yang’s “handy template for trolls“.

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