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Toxic shocking.

As someone who was so scared by the Toxic Shock Bogeyman as a teen and has subsequently never used a tampon because of it,1 this re-look at the “syndrome” was pretty fascinating. And not just for the fact that apparently all the major researchers in the area are dudes who get into prestige fights over whose theory of the causes is correct…

  1. Not that I’ve had a period for, like, a decade. But still… []
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Sunscreen is bad for you I knew it!1

  1. Seriously, though. The potential harmful effects of sunscreen have been kicking around for years; Mum used to work with doctors like a decade ago who were saying things like this… []
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What health looks like.

I’ve been thin before and know how to get back there. Restricting calories was successful. When I went down to 650 calories a day I lost weight. Sure, I was an asshole, I had consistent acid reflux, called out of work to sleep because I was so drained, and had fantasies about being in a hospital so someone else could manage my life but I looked good in a swimsuit.

I could also go to the gym more. Back when I was popping Diet Fuel like candy and walking in circles around tracks for hours at a time with ankle weights I lost weight. Granted, my heart was constantly racing, I passed out once at the bathroom at work, had insomnia, and popped handfuls of Advil each day to deal with my knee, ankle, and back pain but I fit into a single-digit clothing size so it was worth it, right?

So many see a fat woman and equate it with being unhealthy. But there are many women who aren’t fat and are unhealthy. And many women who look fat who are in amazing shape.

Alison Gary on health.

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But consider this for a moment. Perhaps once we are adequately fed, diet becomes far less significant in determining how healthy we are. Maybe almost insignificant. Could it be that when our bodies have enough macro and micro nutrients available most of the time, other determinants of health kick in. The houses we live in. The stress we are under. The pressure of financial and social inequalities. Stigma, abuse and mental illness. Social isolation. And a million other factors with the capacity to make us sick.

The Angry Chef on diet science.

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