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Do you think anyone at work would notice if I ran out of this meeting, hid in my office, and watched the new Gravity Falls?

That’s a responsible adult thing to do, right?

2017-09-05T19:06:50+10:008th September, 2015|Tags: gravity falls, pop culture, tv|

So today in procrastination I marathoned GRAVITY FALLS.

Holy shit. Such a great show. I love that there seems to be this big move in animation away from ~zany~ ~random~ ~humor~ and back to stuff with strong narrative and emotional arcs. And that those arcs focus not just on the child protagonist characters, but deal with a bunch of pretty heavy-duty–and heavy-duty realistic–stuff with the adult characters, too.

(Cutty cut for spoilers and such.)


2017-09-05T18:58:34+10:008th August, 2015|Tags: gravity falls, pop culture, tv|