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More random character WiPs.

This guy doesn’t have a name yet, though he’s kind of the male version of the Drard I drew a few weeks back.

The idea is that he’s some kind of travelling… plant whisperer guy? His other mom is the forest itself (hence the goat legs, not entirely pictured), and his staff magically produces one single apple a day so long as it’s in his possession.

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It’s a Druid! It’s a Bard! It’s… Rosalee!

Okay but… hear me out for a second: the Drard.

The most ultimate min-maxy utility character ever? She’s stacked all her points in WIS/INT/CHAR and just Wildshapes if she ever needs physical traits. Buff the party! Heal the party! Feed the party! Entertain the party! Turn into innocuous animals and perform reconnaissance for the party! Turn into terrifying animals and attack enemies for the party! A+ party mom, would party again!

Also: she makes booze.


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So we finally managed to get a pick-up one-shot of D&D at the nerdshop last night, and big shout-out to the DM who managed to keep his cool despite the fact I managed to destroy his campaign idea by being the only D&D player ever to remember the spell mage hand exists.

The module involved a lot of “navigate this trap room to retrieve a small gemstone you can see roughly 29 feet away” style puzzles which… oop.

Shockingly the third trap room had the stone suddenly forty five feet away… but luckily for me my Sorcerer premade had the Extend Spell metamagic, meaning the DM really had no one to blame but himself.

Then, in the final room, it was buried under magic quicksand, so props to the DM for thinking on his feet. (Luckily the party had like 250 feet of rope and a dwarf who was good at holding her breath…)

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Bit o’ the old ultraviolence.

So apparently working on photo-realistic, hyper-violent video games can have negative health impacts for developers. Would could ever have possibly guessed?

(For what it’s worth, a lot of the impacts seem to be related to the viewing of real-life violence and injury people like game artists have to do to get things looking “right”. So this isn’t a “exposure to fantasy violence is bad for you” thing so much as… exactly the opposite of that.)

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Dice, dice baby!

So I ordered my Baby’s First Internet Custom dice set the other day, from Cosy Gamer, and holy shit they came fast!

I got four sets:

  • Amethyst Scepter: Super cool, probably my fav in the bunch. The foil and glitter is Peak Bling.
  • Enchantress Pearl: Basically clear resin with tiny pink beads inside. Very unique, and kind of almost… unsettlingly organic on first glance.
  • Fuschia: Mostly clear resin with “smoke” wisps of purple and orange. Like a sunset in your hand!
  • Lavender Galaxy: The only set I was a bit disappointed with. The colors are sort of… banded across the dice and the end result is a sort of muddied purple, unless the light happens to hit them just right. Still pretty, but a bit “meh” compared to the other three.

Overall, the dice are a bit lighter than I was expecting, but nothing like the flimsy feel of, say, Q Workshop dice (and it’s possible I just like my dice on the heavier side anyway). But all-in-all… yeah. Very happy. The worst part will be waiting a week until I can try and grab a game in order to use them!

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I could have a regular chocobo or I could dress one up as Behemoth and ride that instead!

(Still needs a few more shades of feather dying to get blackerer but I need to, like. Save up the gil for it again, oy…)

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Your mount’s blowing glue!

So I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV recently and finally unlocked mounts on my Arcanist and, well. There really is only one mount I could possibly choose…

This is my second go at FFXIV; I played it a little bit wa-aa-aa-ay back when, and remembered enjoying it but not enough to justify a long-term subscription. I jumped back into it recently thanks to the cross-promotional mission in Boyband Car Adventures (a.k.a. Final Fantasy XV) and yes, okay, Square, your promo worked you win. I guess.

FFXIV has the problem all long-running MMOs have in that Everything Is Just So Much, exacerbated by the fact that you can literally be All The Things on one single character. Because I am extremely predictable, I chose an Au Ra and choose the healing pet class as my “main”. Combat in FFXIV is… old-fashioned, and very slow, but… eh. It’s fine. I’ve spent the last two days leveling all my crafting classes to 20ish, and am now cleaning up the lowbie start quests from the combat classes. Then I guess it’s getting those last three levels I need to unlock Summoner

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My husband came back from PAX and now I have #diceaesthetic.

… now if only I had an actual D&D game to play.

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