A couple of weeks back, I was too tired to play a “real” videogame so was looking for something light to throw up on YouTube while I went and did some mindless tree-chopping in FFXIV.

This is what I ended up watching.

It did, uh. Not quite have the desired effect . . .

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Tl;dr in 1990 the Secret Service raided the home of a tabletop RPG creator because they were convinced GURPS Cyberpunk was, like. An actual hacking manual. Which on the face of it is very funny, but as Steve Jackson points out, the damage it did to the business forced me to lay off half my staff, which will never be funny.

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Inside the surprisingly high-stake world of videogame cheat creation.

Once Upon a Time, during a sale, I bought a lifetime CheatHappens membership and it was a tremendously good investment. My hard line is I don’t cheat in competitive and/or online games, which in my case mostly means MMOs. But anything I play solo is definitely (a har) fair game.

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Yeah, Cool Fantasy Outfits are cool and all . . . but what if I fought monsters and saved the planet in ripped jeans and a pair of Chucks?1

  1. Also demon goat horns. []
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Levelling IDC (Interior Decorator).

My FFXIV FC room! I wanted to do something in-line with the themes of the FC—ivory roses, mandragoras, and purple—and got two out of three. I also wanted to practice making fake windows and a kind of “inside outside” room, and maybe got about halfway there? Definitely learned some Lessons about light clipping and TV placement. There’s still a few plants and things I’d probably want to tweak but . . . good enough for now!

This is also the second build; the first one just . . . wasn’t working out for me the way I wanted, but I took some screenshots to preserve it for posterity:


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