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Beige bland meat stocks.

So one of my favorite fireworks-brain-meme pieces of trivia is that chili was introduced into Asian cooking by Europeans. It had to’ve been, right? It’s native to central America, so the only way it got out of central America—and into cuisines like those of India and Thailand—was via the colonial empires of Europe.

And since this is the case, it poses one big huge honking question. Specifically, why then is so much European food so freakin’ bland—or at least so freakin’ one-note—compared to the other Old World cuisines its traders influenced?

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A story about onions.

So like Never Forget when my mother-in-law sent us to a class with a professional chef, who was trying to teach us how to cut onions properly. And he kept talking about the “top” of the onion and pointing to where the roots come out. And the whole class was like… giving all these furtive looks. Like this was a Professional Chef… did he know something about onions we didn’t?

Turns out no. He just… didn’t know how fucking onions work.

Like yeah I learned stuff in the class I still use, and we went back to a few more and they were always great, but. Fuck.

Onions, man. Onions.

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Crap in, crap out.

A look at the history, use, and misuse of the calorie.

TIL from this article:

  • Some people have small intestines that are up to 50% longer than others, which makes them 50% better at digesting food!
  • Cold toast has fewer (usable) calories than hot toast.
  • Coconut oil reduces the caloric content of rice.
  • Reheated pasta/rice/potatoes/bread have fewer calories than fresh pasta/rice/potatoes/bread.
  • The Chinese thing about not drinking cold water is actually kind of correct? Although for exactly the opposite reason.1

Tl;dr everything you know about food science is wrong.

  1. Drinking very cold water doesn’t “slow down” you organs; it apparently makes you body burn more calories to try and keep your core temperature stable. Which I guess could be a problem if you lived somewhere/-when where food scarcity was an issue, e.g. if you were a Ye Oldene Timese Chinese peasant. []
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Ethical cannibalism.

Tl;dr dude gets in an accident, has his leg amputated, and asks some friends if they want to come over and eat it, just for lulz. In tacos, because one of the friends’ partners was a chef. Apparently, it tasted a bit like beef, not chicken or pork as usually reported.

As a content warning, asides from the whole premise, the linked article does include photos of said meat being prepared. They’re no more graphic than any other photos of meat used in cooking (i.e. there are no identifiable human parts), but even as someone who’s a ravenous carnivore I still found them mildly unsettling.

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But consider this for a moment. Perhaps once we are adequately fed, diet becomes far less significant in determining how healthy we are. Maybe almost insignificant. Could it be that when our bodies have enough macro and micro nutrients available most of the time, other determinants of health kick in. The houses we live in. The stress we are under. The pressure of financial and social inequalities. Stigma, abuse and mental illness. Social isolation. And a million other factors with the capacity to make us sick.

The Angry Chef on diet science.

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