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… they are not supposed to be that big.

The size of the pond snails in my 20 gallon is really starting to weird me out…

2018-05-01T11:24:19+10:0011th August, 2016|Tags: fish diary, fishblr|

So I moved Hyleth into the nano cube today. He was doing okay, until I came back from dinner and found he’d managed to get himself wedged into the outlet for the filter, which is about a centimeter round hole in the top left of the tank’s backing.


2016-09-14T10:20:03+10:004th June, 2016|Tags: bettablr, fish diary, fishblr|

Okay, Bettablr, I need some help.

This is Red Betta. “She” was sold to me as a female veiltail, but due to a bunch of factors, I’m no longer sure that’s the case. This is her (?) flaring at a mirror. The lighting is bad because she’s in the crappy quarrantine tank (with IAL in the water); under the lights in the big tank, her red is even more strongly pronounced when she puffs up, including on her body.

My question to you, Bettablr, is, in your expert opinion, is Red Betta actually a girl or is “she” a mislabeled plakat male?

(A.k.a. am I going to need to buy a new new tank?)

2017-09-05T19:53:53+10:004th April, 2016|Tags: betta, bettablr, fishblr|