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Tiny tank, big mess.

Tiny tank, big mess.

The actual secret to fishkeeping: beautiful inside the tank, explosive mess outside the tank.

2018-05-01T11:22:49+10:0022nd May, 2016|Tags: fish diary|

Setting up a foot square nano on my desk to get poor Hyleth out of QT. I used glue to affix the Java ferns, which I haven’t done before. Will be interesting to see how it works out. Thus far, it’s wa-aa-aa-ay easier than fishing line.

Also got some glosso, mostly as an experiment. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll replace it with DHG or MC out of the big tank.

Basically a big mess at the moment, but hopefully it’ll jungle up nicely.

2016-08-19T07:00:36+10:0021st May, 2016|Tags: fish diary|

So, on the plus side, I finally got to max level Cooking in Guild Wars 2 last night (my first max level skill… don’t judge me).

On the minus side, my big Ramshorn seems to’ve carked it. Now I’m trying to remember how old he was… maybe a little over a year? Poor dude. He survived some rough times.

There are still a bunch of baby Ramshorns that have escaped Six’s hungry jaws. (Hyleth ate all the ones in his tank.) I’m not sure if they’re the offspring of the big snail (assuming Ramshorns can self-fertilise?) or if they’re more recent interlopers from the fish shop. Either way, I hope some survive. Snails are awesome.

2016-08-19T06:58:42+10:0017th May, 2016|Tags: fish diary, guild wars 2|

Desk nano.

Desk nano.

Planted up nano, now that the dust has mostly settled.

I really need to fix the substrate line at the front. It was even, but I got a lot more substrate movement while filling that I expected. Like, a lot more.

Next challenge will be trying to get the glosso to root flat, not grow up like it is currently.

2018-05-01T11:22:42+10:0012th May, 2016|Tags: fish diary|

Tank Diary: Oops.

So my frogbit hasn’t been doing well over the past week, and I haven’t been sure why.

Until today, when I changed the water in the tank and, huh. Feels kinda chilly—


Both the heater and the filter were off. No idea how long for, but the tank was down to 20°C. Ack. Maybe I need to buy one of those electric thermometers that beeps if it gets too cold…

2016-05-08T19:07:22+10:008th May, 2016|Tags: fish diary|

Om nom nom.

… I’m pretty sure Hyleth’s tank had like six baby ramshorn snails and today it has zero.

Must be magic.

2016-05-07T11:09:18+10:002nd May, 2016|Tags: fish diary|

Big Tank Diary: Aqua Soil.

I only ended up using half the Aqua Soil I bought, so I guess when I rescape the smaller tanks they too will be filled with Malaysia Powder (the supplier was all out of Amazonia). Didn’t quite manage to get the gully effect I was going for, even though the back really is significantly higher than the front. Hardscaping is, uh. Hard. Oh well.

Ordered some Weeping Moss, Monte Carlo, and DHG tonight. Gonna try dry-starting the carpet. It’ll be fun! (Possibly disastrous.)

Also on the way is an inline heater. The tank itself came with an in-water one but… eh. The more equipment on the outside the better, I think.

Also, apparently the tap water in our apartment has gone from >8 pH to 7.2. Somehow. Magic!

2016-05-07T10:57:26+10:0021st April, 2016|Tags: fish diary|