Switching jobs for great XP.

So I hit 80 on Dancer about halfway through the Shadowbringers storyline, and not wanting to “waste” the leveling XP, it’s time to put that on hold while I catch up my old main, Summoner.

Been doing it by leveling Scholar and . . . it took me a while to get into the groove of it, but I think I kinda like it?

Also I get to dress like a frumpy librarian, so . . .


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Yeah, Cool Fantasy Outfits are cool and all . . . but what if I fought monsters and saved the planet in ripped jeans and a pair of Chucks?1

  1. Also demon goat horns.
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Levelling IDC (Interior Decorator).

My FFXIV FC room! I wanted to do something in-line with the themes of the FC—ivory roses, mandragoras, and purple—and got two out of three. I also wanted to practice making fake windows and a kind of “inside outside” room, and maybe got about halfway there? Definitely learned some Lessons about light clipping and TV placement. There’s still a few plants and things I’d probably want to tweak but . . . good enough for now!

This is also the second build; the first one just . . . wasn’t working out for me the way I wanted, but I took some screenshots to preserve it for posterity:


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The grind.

So because of Dislocated Assbones1 I can’t sit on chairs for long periods, which has really cramped my gaming style. I’ve spent the last couple of months obsessing with games I could play on my laptop sitting on the couch, so first Cities: Skyline and then Crusader Kings 3, but kind of got to the point where I’d modded the latter out as much as I wanted to and . . . Now what?


  1. Yes, really; my coccyx basically looks like an L. Probably the result of an old injury that’s been recently re-aggravated.
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