Sunday @ 6:53 pm

Sometimes the idling camera picks a good one.

Wednesday @ 7:35 pm

Aw yis who got her island to level 10 baybee! Now to fly to all the secret bits of the map . . .

Sunday @ 9:10 am

RPR is such a cheese class but I kinda love it?

Home sweet home.

So I actually don’t think I ever got around to doing one of these for my house? Not the world’s most complex build but, eh. It works for me.

(Materia, Zurvan, Mist 24-50.)

Wednesday @ 8:03 pm

Ameliance asking you to dress her up in sexy clothes to make her husband blush is . . . a thing. The game did. I guess.

Like okay there, Mom. Enjoy your . . . whatever you’re up to, I guess.