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They shoot models, don’t they?

Possibly the coronavirus’s strangest legacy: accelerating the collapse of the fashion industry. Athleisure forever baby, yeah.

(Also big shout-out to whomever decided to format this NYT article a la someone’s Geocities homepage circa 1999. Cute.)

2020-11-16T07:50:49+11:0018th November, 2020|Tags: fashion|

Everything old is old again.

Today in capitalist-illusion-shattering, the secondhand clothes market is also mostly bullshit (and getting more-so).

I mean it’s almost like the whole thing where the West has spent the last three decades offloading all our garbage to developing nations under the guise of “recycling” has basically been a scam, and the only actual solution to the masses of waste produced by rampant consumer culture to, like. Consume less shit.

2020-02-12T08:58:32+11:0013th June, 2020|Tags: culture, fashion|

ME @ 26: Entirely black wardrobe, lots of D-rings, Hot Topic, knockoff EGL jackets, straps, spikes.

ME @ 30: “Shit I’m middle management now… where do actual adults shop? I better get into some of that…”

ME @ 36: “Fuckit whatever.” Buys out entirety of Killstar to restock her (still entirely black) wardrobe.

2019-12-03T10:23:46+11:003rd December, 2019|Tags: fashion|


On the somewhat startling realization that basically all modern clothing is some variant of athletic wear.

The obvious exception here, asides from business and formal attire, is probably jeans… but even they were originally designed for laborers and factory workers, before being repurposed into everyday wear.

2019-01-04T15:53:07+11:0011th May, 2019|Tags: culture, fashion|

The cost of influence.

So just what does it take to be big on Instagram? (Spoiler alert: hard work, money, determination, and a bit of luck. More-or-less.)

2018-09-05T13:25:52+10:0027th August, 2018|Tags: culture, fashion, social media|

Moody shoes.

The carpet cleaners are coming in, so I had to dump all my shoes in the bath to get them off the floor. Apparently I own a lot of boots I never wear. Go figure, I guess.

2018-08-24T08:21:40+10:0023rd August, 2018|Tags: fashion, photography|
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