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Fandom crystal ball, 2019 edition.

On the future of fandom.

Obviously I have a vested interest in this, and that is “federated platforms, duh!”

That being said—and in line with owlmoose’s observations—there aren’t currently many great options for federated media platforms, though hopefully projects like Peertube and Pixelfed will help in that regard…

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Fannish todo list for 2019:

  • Finish updating JournalPress. Mostly done! Currently in testing.
  • Probably update Avalicious!, too (I’m sure it has the same garbage code) and maybe WP_Flock (currently completely dead).
  • Revive my old webring script (see previous comment re. garbage code).
  • Have a crack at a “naked” HTML5 S2 base for Dreamwidth themes.
  • Update Dreamwidth inbox checker browser plugin for Firefox.
  • Maybe do an AO3 one, too.
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This is still the greatest post on Mastodon and honestly if you’re not there you’re really missing out.

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Oh Pillowfort, no.

Pillowfort… wut u doin’, man?

(With original credit here.)

Edited to add: From reports by other users, it seems Pillowfort isn’t doing any robust sanitization on usernames at all, allowing things like slashes and period and spaces that break their own UI. This is… not good. Weren’t they supposed to’ve done a “security audit” after their hack a few weeks back?

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Oldskool fandom drama.

While I do think this essay puts too much emphasis on Harry Potter fandom as the Beginning of the End it’s still always fun to revisit old drama. You know. Back in the day when it all seemed so… innocent.

(For the record, I think fandom has always had its… elements. What I will concede is that HP fandom’s rise in parallel to the early days of the internet has probably meant that a lot of it’s drama is more well-documented than previous drama, that was more likely to be geographically and temporally limited.)

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Dark fandom.

I think there’s another kind of fandom that has been growing for decades now. Let’s call it the Dark Fandom, or DF for short, just to pin a label on it. This is a fandom that celebrates snideness, jeering, crudity, and taking a dump in the punchbowl. It’s 4chan/8chan. It’s a substantial chunk of Reddit. It’s YouTube comment sections. It’s community, too. It’s people coming together and saying, “You hate feminism? I hate feminism even more! High five!” or “Hey, you like trashing parties? Let’s invade rec.pets.cats and piss off some normies!” (Yeah, this has been a phenomenon since the early days of usenet).

This isn’t necessarily a problem with Star Wars fandom. It’s a problem with that segment of Star Wars fandom that overlaps with the DF. Or the atheists who are card-carrying members of the DF. Or the gamers who enjoy a particular video game, but think the game culture could use some more DF. Just as cosplayers might want to participate in a fandom with cool costumes, these people want to join in with more cool shitposting.

That’s the real problem. The question is what are we going to do about it?

PZ Myers on doing fandom wrong.

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So to any fandom people looking for a new home in the post-Tumblr world, I’ve set up as a fandom-friendly and fan-run Mastodon instance.

I’m still setting up some things like the terms of service (and the all-important custom emoji), but general policies will include:

  • moderation for harassing or abusive content
  • allowed adult content (with content warnings in public timelines)
  • no ads, tracking, or user monetization.

For those unclear on Mastodon, it’s a Twitter-like social network, a primer on which may be found here. Any other questions, feel free to ping me. Otherwise, um… enjoy?

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