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Hugos Homework: Best Novel.

So, better late than never I guess; the Hugos packets came out a while ago, but neither being the most organized nor the fastest reader, I’m only getting around to going through them now.

So. Starting with the novels. First off, full disclosure: I no-awarded this category under my own personal protest rule of doing so in any category in which all finalists are American. Partly because of this, I didn’t full read each novel, instead gave them a “first fifty pages” check, which is how I decide on all my reading; basically, a book has fifty pages to either grab me or turn me right off. If it does neither, it gets put aside in the “not for me” pile. Actual reactions to each work on the list are below but, spoiler alert: my NFM pile has just gotten much taller…


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New thesis: The rise of anti culture as a side-effect of the hyper-commodification of cultivated fandom identity by capital, with specific reference to the pre- and post-Disney eras of the Star Wars and Marvel fandoms.

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In visibility.

[Worldcon] taught me a lot of things, about writing, about people, about life. But it also let me know that I’m invisible until I’m not, and it’s never for the reasons that I want it to be. My talent, my stories, my brain, the fact that I’m a fucking person who exists and is talking, none of that matters. When I do matter, those rare occasions, it’s my tits. It’s my ability to service your dick. It’s the fact that I’m a random collection of bumps and holes that just so happen to fall into the correct schema to spark desire when someone is drunk enough to not care that I’m not hot or young.

Marlee Jane Ward on visibility.

Marlee was Australia’s DUFF delegate to Worldcon 76 in San Jose. That is, she was the individual nominated and sponsored by the Australian and New Zealand fan communities to represent them at the Worldcon. Saying that she should never have been treated this way somewhat elides the fact that no one, ever should be treated this way… but especially not when they’re representing their region at an international conference.

The sheer parochially contemptuous disrespect would be staggering if it weren’t so depressingly common…

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Market fandom.

So I’ve mentioned before in various places that I do, in fact, actively write fanfic under a Sekret Alias1 that I keep separate for Reasons. The main relevant thing about Sekret Alias is that it’s my relaxation space; it has pretty much no social media presence, and I do nothing to actively promote the fics I write and post there, to “network” in fandom spaces,2 or whatever. Because all of that stuff is the stuff I find exhausting and disheartening about profic, so gods know I don’t want to do any of it in my downtime.

  1. I’ve mentioned the name of it in public, out loud, exactly once. And if you think you’ve figured it out, and ask me about it in private, I’ll confirm it, probably. No one ever has.
  2. I do respond to comments on AO3, mostly, and emails and asks and similar direct communications.
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Consume, create, curate.

Because of Reasons, some definitions:

  • Consumptive fandom, is primarily concerned with having “the most” of something. For example, “the most comics books”, “the most Lord of the Rings trivia”, “the most Supernatural convention attendances.” Often associated with “male” or “mainstream” fandom, i.e. the sort of fandom multinational mega-corporations find profitable.
  • Creative fandom, also known as transformative fandom. Primarily interested in taking existing fandom canon and making it into something Other. The domain of fanfic and meta, but also fanvids and, in some contexts, fanart. Traditionally coded “female” and/or “queer” or otherwise subversive. Frequently in conflict with consumptive fandom, over what counts as a “real fan” in the context of that fandom.
  • Curative fandom, often conflated with consumptive fandom but distinctly different. Curative fans are the tastemakers and “influences” of fandom works within fandom itself. Known for having “the best” of something. For example, “the best Venom MPREG recs”, “the best fandom meta”, “the best Rose Quartz fusion fanart reblogs”. Frequently in conflict with creative fandom, almost always over access and archiving.

More Thoughts On This Issue withheld, but… for the moment? This.

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