… holy crap apparently is one year old today?

Massive, massive love to everyone who’s made this wildly more successful than I’d imagined it would ever be!1

I feel like I should do some kind of… I dunno. Year-in-review? But in lieu of that I will simply say:


  1. As well as a teeny tiny reminder of the Patreon, if you’d like to help out with some server costs. []
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So I said I’d close registrations on when we hit about 500 active weekly users, and… we’ve (more-or-less) hit that! So, registrations are now closed for a little while.

If you have friends who want to join, you can still invite them by generating invite links.

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bizarrekitten asked:

hi, i hope you don’t mind me having some questions regarding fandom. ink. do you have any intention of a) increasing the character limit on toots or b) having a public list of servers that have been blocked or silenced by fandom. ink? thank you and have a nice day!

a) This is, sadly, not something I can control with the way I currently have Mastodon deployed. I’m also generally of the opinion Masto itself is… not for extremely long posts? If you’re looking for something longform, there are other platforms out there that implement ActivityPub (i.e. people can follow and interact with them from Masto, and vice versa), like Plume and Write Freely, or even the WordPress plugin I use at my own blog (which you can see if you follow from Masto or similar).

b) It’s basically dzuk’s list, with a few extra silences to keep IRL porn instances off Federated (you can still follow them, just… quietly).

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The beauty of getting someone else to do your infrastructure for you: last night while I was sleeping, was updated to Mastodon v2.7. This release has a bunch of new features, the main one being the directory (pictured above).

To say the directory was an, ahem, controversial feature would be butting it mildly, so the end result is opt-in via a setting on your profile.

Mastodon edit profile screen with the directory opt-in settin circled.

Opting in to the directory.

It’ll be interesting to see how this feature evolves, and in particular how it impacts the use of things like content tagging. But for now… there it is!

On the other hand, the main thing I’m jazzed for in 2.7 are the new moderation features, specifically the ability to send people narky emails from the UI when they do naughty things.1 Which, of course, no one is doing, because pretty much everyone on the instance is too nice. But, yanno. One day!2

  1. Or, yanno. ~gentle admin reminders~. []
  2. And in the meantime… I just suspend the spambots. Spambots don’t get emails, they just get banhammered. []
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Anonymous asked:

hi! i’m interested in joining fandom-ink, but i wanted to know if your instance is or will be blocking certain other instances to protect against potential harrassment and abuse. sorry if you’ve already addressed this and i overlooked it.

Yup, the server-level blocklist is based off the one published by dzuk.

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