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So we finally managed to get a pick-up one-shot of D&D at the nerdshop last night, and big shout-out to the DM who managed to keep his cool despite the fact I managed to destroy his campaign idea by being the only D&D player ever to remember the spell mage hand exists.

The module involved a lot of “navigate this trap room to retrieve a small gemstone you can see roughly 29 feet away” style puzzles which… oop.

Shockingly the third trap room had the stone suddenly forty five feet away… but luckily for me my Sorcerer premade had the Extend Spell metamagic, meaning the DM really had no one to blame but himself.

Then, in the final room, it was buried under magic quicksand, so props to the DM for thinking on his feet. (Luckily the party had like 250 feet of rope and a dwarf who was good at holding her breath…)

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Ye Obligatorie Purple Tiefling D&D Character.

This is Isa “Soos” Beni-Azharul, a lawful neutrevil Tempest-domain Cleric/Blue-Dragonblooded Sorcerer whose favorite weapons are a whip and a trident. Their most prized possession is Growley, a masterwork stuffed worg plushie. Their signature moves are to use a reaction to lightning bolt anyone who touches them, and also cast AoE thunder spells in enclosed spaces. If you want to be healed, you better be able to afford it.

You were a total trashgoat and I miss you, Soos.

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I cast Charm of the Dave on the demon!

Dungeons and Dragons spells, according to neural network.

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Tiefling, 4.0.

It’s probably not an enormous shock to anyone to learn that tieflings are (along with the dragonborn) my favorite Dungeons and Dragons race. The fact that they got a big revamp in 4th ed, including promotion to a default player race, was… like, pretty much my D&D Dream Come True.

Also, their revised concept art looked freakin’ badass!

What I didn’t realize is that art–and the new look for tieflings in general–was designed by all-round baller William O’Connor. I probably should have noticed this, because O’Connor is one of my favorite monster-and-dragon concept artists of all time (seriously, his three Dracopedia books pretty much permanently live on my “writing inspiration” pile). So it’s totally awesome to read about the thought processes that went into his 4th ed redesigns.

Strictly speaking, Lain’s concept design pre-dates 4th ed, but I won’t deny there’s a lot of O’Connor’s tieflings in him. And ditto for Lee and the dragonborn, come to think of it (at least in the structure of the face). Go figure, I guess.

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