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Poor Anders…

Here’s like an entire DA2 comic. The text reads:

HAWKE: Hey, Anders? Protip: whenever I’m tempted to do something magically stupid? I ask myself…
ANDERS: (How am I still alive?)
FENRIS: (I hate everything except Hawke. And killing mages that aren’t Hawke.)

HAWKE: … “would doing this force Februs to punch my heart out whilst crying bitter tears of betrayal?”
(Fenris disapproves -1,000,000)

HAWKE: And if the answer is “yes”, I don’t do that thing. Try it sometime, okay?
HAWKE: Except, like, imagine it’s Ser Pounce-a-lot instead or something, okay?
ANDERS: (imagining Hawke)
FENRIS: (imagining the Sword of Mercy)

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Avatar of uncomfortable changes.

Above and beyond any reasonable critiques to be made of [Dragon Age 2‘s] design, it was simply an avatar of uncomfortable changes. Hawke wasn’t on a Hero’s Journey but at the mercy of events; Isabela was a woman of color; men flirted with your male character. In so many ways, DA2 constituted the existential challenge that often arouses the terror dream, inspiring a coruscating hatred against everything it seemed to represent.

–Katherine Cross on the gamer’s terror dream.

For the record, I freakin’ loved DA2. Except for that whole unfortunate “magic as mental illness” theme. That one I’m not so big on. But other than that… screw the haters!

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