2016 Ditmar Awards.

So it has come to my attention, via the medium of Google Alerts,1 that Stormbringer is eligible for the 2016 Ditmar Awards.

What are the Ditmars, you ask? They’re essentially the Hugos for Australian SFF, as nominated and voted on by members of the NatCon, which in 2016 will be held in Brisbane.

Anyway. Reading through the wiki list, it occurs to me I am woefully behind in my Australian SFF reading. For those of you who, like me, use GoodReads, I’ve created a handy list of eligible works to add to your reading pile. Which you should totally do, whether you’re Australian or not, and whether you intend to vote in the Ditmars or not, because Australian SFF, woo!

And me? Well, I’d better get to reading…

  1. So, yay and thank you to whomever added me to the wiki page. []