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HTTP dot dot slash slash bullshit.

Hey, do you remember the days you would’ve been laughed off the web for having a page bigger than like 200 KB or that took longer than 0.1s to load? Yeah. Whatever happened to that?

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I live in a city with quite a lot of Brutalist architecture and I passionately hate it.1 So is it, like, hypocritical or whatever that I actually really kinda like the Brutalist trend in webdesign? Or is that just a sign that I’m old and nostalgic for the heyday of Geocities aesthetic?

Probably the latter, let’s be real.

For the record, my Tumblr layout is Brutalist-inspired (monospaced fonts!). But, like. More pastel. Pastel Brutalist. Pastelist!

  1. It’s ugly! It’s alienating! Why does anyone think this sort of thing is acceptable? []
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Cascading oil sheets.

Holy heck this isn’t an image. It’s an painting done entirely in CSS. And there’s more.

(These are, incidentally, designed to be viewed in Chrome. Looking at them in something else, e.g. whatever Internet Explorer is called nowadays, is interesting in the sense that it shows some of the “seams”. It’s incredible work either way.)

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The DoD still can’t PowerPoint.

So every time there’s a big Department of Defense leak one of my favorite hobbies is to track down and giggle at the terrible, terrible PowerPoint slides that will inevitably come along with it. This is not a hobby unique to yours truly, and in fact the folks over at the Internet Archive have trawled through every .mil site they’ve got in their cache, extracted all the (public) slide decks…

… and put them all up on a special website.

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Reinventing the ‹wheel›.

Whatever happened to web design?

Reading this made me feel Old. Or at least… out-of-date? Something like that. Because I was totally around for and remember the <tables>-to-display:float thing… but display:flex? display:grid?

That’s what I get for both moving off my own homebrew CMS system (circa 2008), and away from doing my own template layouts (circa 2014), I guess.

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Branded in memory.

Asking ordinary Americans to re-draw company logos from memory. There’s also an NFL version, which is interesting even if you don’t give one single crap about the NFL.

My favorite part of these, though, is where they mock-up some of the more, um, interesting designs and ‘shop them into photos like they’re the “real” company/team logos…

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