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Oppa Straya style!

So I’ve mentioned before we have an investment firm here that makes absolute bank by buying up dirt-cheap US real estate—specifically apartments in New York, but I think they’ve since expanded—and renovating them “Australian style”; big open spaces, minimalist, lots of natural light. And yeah I am 100% convinced this is where the apparently current trend of “McModerns” has come from. Because all those houses? Yeah they look like weird tasteless Americanizations of the houses near where I live…

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Passed over.

This is one of the overpasses Robert Moses built on the Long Island Parkway. Moses specified that the height of these overpasses must be low, some with clearances as low as 7’7”. That’s about the height I can reach if I raise my hand above my head, if that gives you an idea of how low that is.

Why so low? Moses wanted to ensure that buses would never be able to pass beneath these overpasses. In other words, you could access the beautiful parks of Long Island if you owned a car—which, in the middle of the twentieth century, meant that you were fairly affluent, and almost certainly white.

Moses’ design of these overpasses meant that if you relied on mass transit—in other words, if you were Black, or poor, or both—you would be prevented from accessing the parkways, and the lovely parks they led to.

Throughout history, there are many, many instances of design being used much as Robert Moses did—as a means to encode racist and classist biases, as a vehicle through which vulnerable communities are harmed.

Ethan Marcotte on the power of design.

The rest of the post is about how these sorts of issues manifest in the tech industry, which has been historically terrible at even acknowledging them, let alone addressing them.1

  1. I mean say what you want about Robert Moses, but at least he was actively racist in his city planning, not just racist because he’d never bothered to think about the implications of his actions… []
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Really interesting font made by studying the English lettering in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Modern English letters are, of course, based on the forms Romans developed to carve into marble, with what we now call lowercase creeping in during the merging of that script with Old English’s former, brief use of Anglo-Saxon fuþorc (a.k.a. runes) during the period when Christian missionaries started handwriting a lot. And it’s always interesting to me how the use of physical tools and materials—stone carving, quills, brushes, woodblock carving, metal movable type, and now biros and digital type—influence the shape and aesthetics of written language over time…

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Dark mod sucks, actually.

Tl;dr there’s no evidence “dark mode” is better for your eyesight or your productivity, and in fact studies indicate the exact opposite.

I admit I go through periods of trying out OS-level dark mode, and hate it every time. For a while I was okay at convincing myself to just “give it a shot” until I “got used to it”… and then I read this article and stopped freakin’ bothering.

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