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Calamity Thesis.

Birtherism is rightly remembered as a racist conspiracy theory, born of an inability to accept the legitimacy of the first black president. But it is more than that, and the insistence that it was a fringe belief undersells the fact that it was one of the most important political developments of the past decade.

Birtherism is a synthesis of the prejudice toward blacks, immigrants, and Muslims that swelled on the right during the Obama era: Obama was not merely black but also a foreigner, not just black and foreign but also a secret Muslim. Birtherism was not simply racism, but nationalism—a statement of values and a definition of who belongs in America. By embracing the conspiracy theory of Obama’s faith and foreign birth, Trump was also endorsing a definition of being American that excluded the first black president. Birtherism, and then Trumpism, united all three rising strains of prejudice on the right in opposition to the man who had become the sum of their fears.

In this sense only, the Calamity Thesis is correct. The great cataclysm in white America that led to Donald Trump was the election of Barack Obama.

Adam Serwer on lurking nationalism.

A long but absolutely cracking essay on the influence of white nationalism on politics in the US.

As per usual with these things. Australians do not get to sit smug; anyone who thinks we don’t have our own equivalent of this here is freakin’ kidding their racist-ass self.

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The strange, surprisingly dark history of Sea Monkeys.

I knew some of this already thanks to previous articles, but… holy hell dat ending tho.

Maybe this is just me, but I think brine shrimp look awesome. Way better than the creepy-weird “Sea Monkey” people which, er. Actually. That name takes on kinda a… different and far more sinister connotation now that I’ve watched this. Yikes.

Also, I want to go to that museum now.

[Content warning in the video for, of all things, antisemitic and racist words and imagery towards the end.]

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Half as hard, twice as far.

To Trump, whiteness is neither notional nor symbolic but is the very core of his power. In this, Trump is not singular. But whereas his forebears carried whiteness like an ancestral talisman, Trump cracked the glowing amulet open, releasing its eldritch energies. The repercussions are striking: Trump is the first president to have served in no public capacity before ascending to his perch. But more telling, Trump is also the first president to have publicly affirmed that his daughter is a “piece of ass.” The mind seizes trying to imagine a black man extolling the virtues of sexual assault on tape (“When you’re a star, they let you do it”), fending off multiple accusations of such assaults, immersed in multiple lawsuits for allegedly fraudulent business dealings, exhorting his followers to violence, and then strolling into the White House. But that is the point of white supremacy—to ensure that that which all others achieve with maximal effort, white people (particularly white men) achieve with minimal qualification. Barack Obama delivered to black people the hoary message that if they work twice as hard as white people, anything is possible. But Trump’s counter is persuasive: Work half as hard as black people, and even more is possible.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is not fucking around.

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The dark origins on conjugal visits.

Just where does this tradition come from (at least in the context of the US)? Spoiler alert: it’s racism. And the transition in the US from “overt” slavery to the current system that masquerades as mass incarceration.

Interesting because conjugal visits themselves aren’t the problem; it’s good for reintegration for prisoners to retain ties to family and loved ones outside of jail which, yes, includes having intimate time alone with a spouse or partner. It’s just that, well. Conjugal visits haven’t always been used that way, or for that purpose.

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Intersectionality 101.

The white woman is a helpless object, one explicitly labeled “property.” The monstrous threat is a caricature of blackness — or, rather, of a white racist’s idea of blackness, an ogre that arises from the fevered imagination of fearful white men. […]

Here in America, [racism] is pervasively tangled up with the corresponding idea of protecting the virginal purity of white women as the unsoiled property of white men.

–Fred Clark on purity culture.

This, incidentally, is what the catch cry of “destry White Womanhood” is supposed to mean. It’s a call-out to dismantle the racist and misogynist construct of virginal purity as something white men can “own” and, more importantly, need to “protect” from non-white men.1 It does not, perhaps contrary to Tumblr popular belief, mean “destroy white women”. Shocking, I know.

  1. And, more importantly, the implication that it’s something non-white women don’t possess, thus making them “fair game” for the predation of white men. Racist misogyny hurts everyone, but it hurts women of color most. []
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