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I weigh.

Most of the women I know wake up much earlier than men to get ready, and spend much of their time and money on complete nonsense like manicures and pedicures, hair treatments, and waxing. Women bleach their bumholes. THEY BLEACH THEIR BUMHOLES. This is how far we have gone with our pursuit of perfection, that we are no longer satisfied with the natural colour of an area almost nobody in the world will ever see. We have to be thin, but with big breasts and bottoms, gravity free, spotless, hairless, ageless, light skinned but always with a year round sun kissed glow; we must be fun and eat pizza and drink beer but also completely cellulite free and we must all have tiny noses and enormous eyes and lips but with skinny faces, but our skinny faces must never look gaunt and old.

And after all this, and after all the work we do, that we do as much of as men, ON SUBSTANTIALLY fewer calories than we probably need, we get judged more and paid less anyway.

[…] We spend our lives in pursuit of the approval of others when we don’t yet even really approve of ourselves.

Jameela Jamil weighs in.

Obvious content warning for Jamil’s post, which deals with weight and body image issues, and has an image of a pretty brutal1 self-portrait she did at age sixteen.

  1. Albeit pretty damn good. []
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Elite athletes are unhealthy.

Like. Super unhealthy. This article deals with female athletes–and, specifically, the so-called “female athlete triad” of disordered eating, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis–but the dudes don’t have it much better, either physically or mentally. Most modern hyper-elite athlete training is, not to put too fine a point on it, about trying to keep athletes alive and functional between competitions.

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Hey, so y’all remember how Steve Jobs went through that thing where he’d only drink, like juice smoothies, and that poor nutrition due to his refusal to eat Regular Food probably exacerbated the cancer leading to his death? Well, he’s hardly the only Silicon Valley exec to do that sort of thing. Hell, it’s practically a trend.

Here’s a fun exercise: Open that article and see how many times the “biohacking” of the mostly-adult-male SV elite is referred to as “anorexia” (or even “orthorexia“). See? I’m sure none of you are surprised. Apparently disordered eating is only disordered when it’s done by teenage girls. For adult men, it’s “productivity”…

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