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A web-based chat client written entirely in CSS. On the other hand, as someone who loathes the JavaScriptification of the web, I lol’d. On the other, while this is a cute proof-of-concept, what the tech behind it actually more likely to be used for (and, in fact, what the inspiration Tweet was talking about) is circumventing client-side JavaScript blocking for the purpose of online surveillance.

So, yanno. Welcome to our dystopian internet hellhole, and all that…

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Turing complete(ish).

Interesting look at whether CSS can be considered Turing complete and thus, despite all conventional wisdom, an actual programming language.

Apparently in the last decade or so when I wasn’t really paying attention, it became Cool™ to shit on CSS. Which, as someone who grew up doing things like radically transforming my profile page in Gaia Online with the power of CSS alone, I find really—

Okay, I was going to say “odd” here but it’s not “odd” at all, is it? It’s frustrating. Because people shit in CSS because it’s, a) associated with girls doing things like modifying their Gaia Online profiles, and thus b) feminized and scorned.

Same as it ever was, I guess…

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Men come from JavaScript, women from CSS.

I admit I haven’t paid much attention to webdev trends in the last decade or so, so I hadn’t heard about the whole “CSS-in-JavaScript” thing… nor about its gendered element.

That being said, suddenly the shitty fucking code in a whole bunch of websites is making a whole bunch of sense…1

  1. Also, while I’m on the subject, if you have a website that won’t load anything at all unless third-party JavaScript is enabled? Don’t. []
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Cascading oil sheets.

Holy heck this isn’t an image. It’s an painting done entirely in CSS. And there’s more.

(These are, incidentally, designed to be viewed in Chrome. Looking at them in something else, e.g. whatever Internet Explorer is called nowadays, is interesting in the sense that it shows some of the “seams”. It’s incredible work either way.)

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