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Rice cooker pancakes.

Admittedly the emphasis here is on the “cake”, but still. Is there nothing a rice cooker can’t do?

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Drunk Apple Crumble.

My husband cooked dinner last night (a pork roast). Champagne may also have consumed (“rich kid” passion pop, Chandon Cuvée Riche), and the problem with too much dinner and too much wine is that it gives me the munchies. So I braved The Husband’s mancave and asked if he’d bought dessert. He said no. We couldn’t drive to get any (ref. champagne), and couldn’t walk either (due to my Freak Toe Accident earlier in the day). So that sucked.

I still really wanted dessert though.

So I stumbled downstairs and made up something. This is that something. (more…)

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The perfect steak.

I’m really fussy about steak. Really fussy. To the point where I wouldn’t eat it anywhere other than the finest of fine restaurants for a very long time. Home-cooked steaks just never tasted right: they were thin and grey and tough. Not the huge, rich, red-brown stacks you got eating out.

It took me years to figure out how to cook steak “properly”. The good news? It’s actually not all that hard. There are, in fact, exactly three secrets to the process:

  1. The cut.
  2. Marinade.
  3. Butter.

And that’s basically it.

Here. I’ll show you… (more…)

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