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Continuum 11 post-con roundup.

So yeah. Wow. That was Continuum. My first Real Live SFF con and also, terrifyingly, the first con I was speaking as a panellist at. I figured it would be a way to meet people, which it was, but also, holy shit. Speaking in front of roomfuls of people.

We were in the “big room” for both panels (more on which in a bit) and, like, spoiler alert, but for all I fake this confident, jetsetting, rich hipster persona online I am super fucking shy in the real life. So I fumbled through my intros and babbled through the half the points I wanted to make while forgetting the others, but hey. I did it. So yay me. Achievement Unlocked: Panelist.

Anyway, that was only about two hours out of the three days (the con is four, but we had to fly home on Monday, so I missed that day… boo Qantas), so what was I doing for the rest of the time? Going to other people’s panels, of course, because I am a talking heads fucking junkie. And also spamming my Twitter feed with livetweets which, sorry not sorry, because the con was great and y’all should’ve been there.


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Continuum 11.

So Continuum 11 is on in a couple of weeks, and guess who’s going? That’s right, this noob.

I’m even going to be on some panels, because holy shit I mean what better way to spend My First1 Con, right? So if you happen to be in the area (i.e. Melbourne), you can find me talking on:

  • Feathered Dinosaurs, Friday 5 June @ 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Computer Geeks and Computer-Fail in Visual Media, Saturday 6 June @ 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

It’ll be awesome. And even more awesome is that I will be carrying around with me a deck of these babies:

Art by Kim Koskamp.

Taste the Lainbow.

Are these or are these not the coolest business cards in the universe? They’re so thick you could jimmy locks with them,2 and I was lucky enough to get Kim “NeoGeen” Koskamp to do the little Lain chibi. Which she absolutely knocked out of the fucking park. Unsurprisingly, because Neo has been my visual inspiration for the Wyrdverse since, well. Forever. Seriously, go check out her art. She’s great. And so wonderful to work with. Like, to the point where I don’t even want to give any of these cards out, because they are my precioussssssesssssss~!

But nah, seriously. Come say hi at the con, grab a card, and check out all the other freakin’ rad stuff to see and buy. It’ll be awesome, I swear.

  1. Well… not quite. But close enough. []
  2. Don’t do that, though. It’s illegal. []
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