Installing custom fonts on iOS.

Hey so guess what I just realised was a thing?

If you said, “iOS 7 now supports installing custom fonts without any jailbreaking shenanigans” then congratulations! You read the post title! Or possibly got here via a Google search. Either way, I’m betting you, too, want to know how to share in the Free Font Lovin’ ASAP, hence this post.

Ready? Let’s go!

First up, in order to get our bad typographical boys and girls onto our device, we’re going to need to install Apple Configurator, which is Apple’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) application.

There’s two things you need to know about Apple Configurator:

  1. it’s for OS X only (sorry, Windows peeps), and
  2. you can do all kinda of cool shit with it, not just install fonts.

Not that that second bullet point is in any way supposed to imply I think you should do something like, oh say, configure your friend’s phone to stop him from accessing Facebook or playing Candy Crush. Because that would be mean. Funny, but mean.

No, instead we’re going to use our powers for good, by which I mean “install Comic Sans onto an iPhone”. Although if Comic Sans and/or iPhones are too rad for you, note that this process should work for any TTF or OTF font, on any device running iOS. (more…)