Pretty excited Louise Pieper won the Best Fantasy Short Story Aurealis Award for “Truth be Told”, one of the stories we put in our Unnatural Order monster anthology.1

The whole book was also nominated in the Best Anthology category (though that one was ultimately picked up by Rebuilding Tomorrow); I believe it’s the first CSFG anthology to do so, which is pretty excited.

Congratulations to all the winners and special congratulations and thank you to Louise, for gifting us your amazing story.

  1. Not playing favorites but totally playing favorites because it was one of mine. Favorites. I mean. []
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Liesmith, chapter 25.


(“vituð ér enn, eða hvat?”)

People aren’t the only things that die. Sometimes stories do as well, when there’s no one left to tell them. Here, now, in the space between the turning of the page, everything comes unraveled. And, for one bright moment, I see.

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Liesmith, chapter 24.


They broke through the fog on the outskirts of the LB campus. Looking up at the huge, gleaming glass-and-steel monstrosity, Sigmund felt nearly light-headed from relief. They’d made it. Whatever stuff came next, at least they were out of the fucking fog.

He could see stars, in the sky above the tower. Too many for a city, maybe, but at least it was a sky. Not the horrible gray-white nothingness.

The car took them around to a side entrance, a ramp down into the private parking garage. The one Sigmund had been in that time with Lain. A huge set of roller doors greeted their arrival. Sigmund had just enough time to wonder how they were going to get in without a pass card, when the doors began sliding upward all on their own.

He decided not to go staring at horse teeth, and all that.

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Oh snap it’s here…

So yeah. 2020 was A Year but, somehow, we actually managed to get out an anthology? Admittedly on, like, the literal last day of the year—and with print versions still pending—but, like… we did it! Unnatural Order is out and is an Actual Thing you can buy and read?

Holy crap.

(Jax‘s cover art is still amazing, also. Sorry I had to ruin it by putting dumb words all over it…)

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Liesmith, chapter 23.


It’s the sound that wakes me. Something like an angle grinder crossed with a dying pig. A hideous cacophony, intruding on the warm and silent darkness in my head.

I want it gone. Now. I’m going to open my eyes, and get out of bed, and I’m going to hunt down whoever approved roadworks outside my fucking bedroom window and I am going to sue them down to the bone and salt the ground with their children’s bankrupt tears.

Opening my eyes isn’t as easy as it should be. The noise is roaring and my eyelids stick, and when I manage to prize them apart—



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