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Books read for September 2017.

In theory it was a restrained month for new book acquisitions, with only Paizo’s Starfinder core rulebook (science fantasy yes please!) and the audiobook of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s What Happened being added. That being said, this post will be popping off the queue right when I’m busy at Conflux, and there’s pretty much no way I’m coming home from that empty-handed.

Most importantly, however, I purchased my sub to Lyss’s Never Never Book Box. And you? Yeah, you totally should too.


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Books read for August 2017.

So, hey. It’s that time of the month again. No, not that one. The one where I do a book recap of things I’ve read.

I confess this month has been a slow month, in part due to yours truly trying to plow through the last 30k of DEMONS… IN SPAAAAACE!, partly due to working on another Very Secret Project… but, let’s be honest, mostly because of getting distracted by Sexy Skyrim.

… ahem. (more…)

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2014: Books read retrospective edition.

So I read a lot of books in 2014. A lot of books for me, anyway, care of setting myself a challenge on GoodReads. Originally I was aiming for 24 books read, but ended up hitting that about mid-year thanks to a combination of comics and artbooks ending up on the list, which I felt was cheating. So I upped my ceiling to 50. I also had one rule, which was that 2014 was the year of reading boradly, not deeply. Which meant that, before I read a book by an author I’d already read in 2014, I had to read all the rest of the books in my queue by authors I hadn’t yet read that year. So no barrelling through an entire series. I broke this rule a couple of times–notably for new releases by Jordan L. Hawk and KJ Charles–but otherwise was pretty good. Which also meant I read a lot of the backlog of “I’ve always wanted to read this” books I’ve, well, wanted to read for a long time.

Rule-breaking or not, I completed my challenge, but 50 is a lot of books. I read pretty slowly, so sometimes it felt I was doing nothing but reading, to the exclusion of the work I was supposed to be doing. Which is one of those nice problems to have, but still.

For 2015, I’ve set my challenge number back to 24. We’ll see how we go from there.

And, without further introduction, here’s my list: (more…)

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