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The blockchain for getting your ass arrested.

So apparently there’s child porn in Bitcoin’s blockchain ((Two instances that the researchers found, one of which is a links list to other child abuse material, the other of which is “an image depicting mild nudity of a young woman” that the researchers declined to investigate the legality of. Oh, and there’s also just regular porn in there too.)) which, because of the way blockchains work, could mean that by mining or otherwise transacting in the currency? Congratulations. You are now in possession of criminal material. Enjoy jail! Not to mention getting the material out is also going to be next-to-impossible, for the same reason.

I mean, seriously. Who could’ve seen this coming, right? Except, like. Oh. Pretty much anyone.1 That who could’ve seen it coming.

  1. Except blockchain fanatics, apparently. []
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Why is Bitcoin such a cock forest?

An investigation.

Also: thanks to this article I’ve learnt that “anarcho-capitalists” are a thing that’s real. And, why yes Google predictive search, I did mean “anarcho-capitalism is a joke”. How usually helpful of you!

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Bitcoin should “die in a fire”.

I’ve said previously that I think all financial speculation markets should move to Bitcoin so they stop impacting the value of currencies people actually use for actual Really Real World things. I now take that back.

Stross’ whole post is definitely worth a read, as are all the posts he links to. The tl;dr version is that virtual currencies like Bitcoin (and Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, et cetera) have a political agenda attached, and that agenda is not a pleasant one. Here’s a particularly depression prediction for where our Brave New Bitcoin Future may lead us.

Good plot for a novel, not so much a place I want to end up in.

(On the other hand, China seems to know what the fuck it’s doing. Maybe it’s time to start learning Mandarin…)

2018-05-22T08:53:07+10:006th March, 2014|Tags: bitcoin, business, economics|

The new gold rush.

I guess this is one way to mine Bitcoins; distribute some shitty toolbar, piggyback a miner onto it, and make a vague reference to it somewhere in the EULA so users can’t complain. Profit! (Literally.)

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