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Fish update!

In other news, I got a new fishy boi. He was shy in the shop and had obviously been tail-biting, but he’s perked right up and his tail should grow back.

… Also apparently I really need to clean the outside of his tank glass.

Other purchases:

  • Two ramshorn snails for purple boy’s tank. Our water is hella soft so I have some trouble keeping snails (and shrimp) alive—not to mention the betta eat the eggs and the babies—but I’m treating it more aggressively so we’ll see how we go.
  • Two otos. I’ve had one lone oto in the Big Tank since I first stocked it, because that’s all my LFS has ever had. Finally they had two more. I’m… not sure one made it, except it fell into the depths of the foliage before I could double-check, and I haven’t been able to find the body since. Oops. Oh well. Enjoy your free meal, other fish!
  • Four harlequin rasboras. This is to restock the school in the Big Tank, which has had a few losses. I forgot how tiny the just-bought babies are compared to the ones that are a few years old, but they’ve integrated fine with the group, so… yay.
  • Some hairgrass and some HC cuba. This is just to experiment with seeing what grows; the hairgrass has gone into Purple Boy’s tank, while the cuba is in the Blue Boy nano in my office. I don’t really expect the cuba to survive, but… we’ll see.

Next I need to restock my fert supply. Oof. Right in the wallet…

Kids, never let anyone convince you fish are cheap/easy pets!

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Okay, Bettablr, I need some help.

This is Red Betta. “She” was sold to me as a female veiltail, but due to a bunch of factors, I’m no longer sure that’s the case. This is her (?) flaring at a mirror. The lighting is bad because she’s in the crappy quarrantine tank (with IAL in the water); under the lights in the big tank, her red is even more strongly pronounced when she puffs up, including on her body.

My question to you, Bettablr, is, in your expert opinion, is Red Betta actually a girl or is “she” a mislabeled plakat male?

(A.k.a. am I going to need to buy a new new tank?)

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Fish diary: When she maybe isn’t.

So I’m starting to think one of my “female” bettas is actually a plakat male. S/he is extremely aggressive, and has a really beautiful flare; side-on with the full “shimmy” and everything. Unfortunately, s/he’s in the sorority tank which… yeah. Oops.

S/he’s also visible to the crowntail male, even though they’re physically separated. The crowntail’s fins just melted about a month ago, and I haven’t been able to recover them. I think perhaps the stress of constantly being flared at by the (faster) red maybe-male is causing him to fin bite. So last night I put up some opaque dividers so he has a place to hide, at least until I can implement a more long-term solution.

I also set up a temporary isolation tank for the maybe-male. Now I just have to actually catch him/her, because boy is s/he fast, and damn there are a lot of plants and rocks for him/her to hide under. If I can’t catch her tonight, I might need to buy a bigger hose and try the siphon trick.

Moral of the story: betta are amazing fish but holy hell don’t buy more than one.

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