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Trying to get better at commissions (i.e. requesting them), so… here is Lee, by the amazing Dross.

I love the colors (I always have trouble coloring Lee) and goopy twisty elephant-trunk tentacles and Lee’s big dumb toothy smile and also I really need to start, like. Posting this story somewhere…

2020-05-27T08:35:06+10:0027th May, 2020|Tags: , |


TIL: There was no word for “orange” in English, and thus no concept of “orange” as a distinct colour (i.e. one separate to red, yellow, and/or brown), prior to the introduction of the fruit into Europe in about the 1600s.

2018-09-05T09:11:41+10:0013th February, 2019|Tags: , |

Cascading oil sheets.

Holy heck this isn’t an image. It’s an painting done entirely in CSS. And there’s more.

(These are, incidentally, designed to be viewed in Chrome. Looking at them in something else, e.g. whatever Internet Explorer is called nowadays, is interesting in the sense that it shows some of the “seams”. It’s incredible work either way.)

2019-12-18T10:03:24+11:002nd November, 2018|Tags: , , , |
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