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eyeofthevirus Walkthrough.

So, true story: Once upon a time I wrote a short little MMO tie-in ARG. Like, not officially. Just for fun. The game was the then-Secret World, currently Secret World Legends, and I posted the initial link to the forums and it was… received pretty well? I think. Anyway, people definitely had a go at it, and they definitely thought they finished it.

Here’s the thing: no-one ever finished it. I know, because the last step sends me an email when someone completes it. I have never gotten an email.1

The other day, after a long, long hiatus, I picked up SWL again and… discovered I didn’t hate it as much as I’d initially thought? Which made me kinda nostalgic for my old ARG. And, well. Made me figure it’s probably about time I wrote a walkthrough. So here we go!


  1. I mean, that wasn’t from me. So I know the thing works. []
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This “psychological test” is old now, but still cool. Creepycool. The best kind of cool!

There are a few others, plus a blog, which kept me amused for an afternoon. Despite what the posts on Tumblr would have you believe (unless they’re all being ironic, I guess… with Tumblr it’s sometimes hard to tell) this is a creepypasta ARG that never quite took off. Which, on the one hand, is a shame, but on the other… did leave this cool artefact of weirdness floating around online.

Which is sort of a creepypasta in and of itself, I guess.

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