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Sunk cost fallacy.

Hey you remember that time U2 gave away an album for free to people with iPhones? And everyone freaked the fuck out about it?

Wild times.

(Incidentally, I listened once to one Songs of Innocence song, by accident on random shuffle, and… I actually kinda liked it? I mean, I still immediately deleted the album from every device I own because people are weird and I’m not exception. But, y’know. That one song was pretty okay.)

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MACBOOK: Would you like to update to macOS Catalina?

ME: Yeah sure go for it.

MACBOOK: You haven’t backed up in over four hundred days… would you like to do that first?

ME: That means I’d have to go into the other room and clean my desk, so… nah.

MACBOOK: Bold choice, human.

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Upside-down to whom?

Cute little anecdote about the orientation of the logo on the back of Apple laptops.

Reminds me of the bat ring I used to wear,1 and the girl in high school art class who couldn’t deal with the fact I wore it so it appeared “head up” for other people looking at my hands. She was convinced rings should be worn so they appeared “correct” from the point-of-view of the wearer, not the viewer, so used to physically grab my hands and switch it around on me.

High school was wild, man.

Also, I will note Microsoft solves the “which way does the logo go” problem by having a logo on the backs of its Surfaces that’s both horizontally and vertically symmetrical. Hah! Take that, Steve Jobs!

  1. For like fifteen years. Eventually the cheap metal got so bent—the “ring” was basically in the shape of a D—it got too uncomfortable. []
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I like my iPad (mostly because of the Pencil),1 but I love my Mac (because of the OS). My Ideal Device would be a kind of combo blend of the two; a macOS-with-keyboard device that could swivel or detach into a touchscreen-with-Apple-Pencil.

That this seems antithetical to the direction Apple wants to go in is… endlessly disappointing to me. Spoiler alert, Apple: I am never going to replace my laptop with an iPad for day-to-day work. Stop trying to make that happen!

  1. My main requirements for my iPad are that, a) it fits in my purse, and b) has 4G. I bought a Pro when they came out because it added in requirement c) it can replace my Wacom. Unfortunately, I compromised on a) and b) to get c), and subsequently get far less use out of my iPad Pro than previous iPads… []
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You must gather your party before venturing forth.

First activity with the new laptop: D&D!

Some thoughts:

  • The keyboard is… weird. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a… very flat. low-key-travel way.
  • The battery drained fast. Like… really, really, within-three-hours fast. I’m hoping this is because I literally only just pulled it off backup restore before the game, so the OS was still thrashing itself indexing files and re-syncing with Dropbox/iCloud/whatever. Because three hours out-of-the-box battery life for a laptop is… not great.
  • The only ports are four USB-Cs/Thunderbolt 3s. Yes, even the power jack. This is very… Apple (I’m old enough to remember when they were the first to do things like remove floppy and CD drives, and this feels like an extension of that) but… in the meantime, damn USB-A to -C hubs are expensive.
  • The screen both feels (and is, resolution-wise) wa-aa-aa-ay bigger than my old MBP, even though they’re both 15-inchers.
  • Speaking of, this one’s also a fair bit lighter (the old laptop is a beast, weight-wise, which I discovered while lugging it through the world’s airports).
  • This is the bottom-of-the-line 15-inch MBP, which means 16 GB RAM and the 256 GB disk. Apparently my old computer also had a 256 GB disk, which means… I have already run out of space on the new device. Er… oops.
  • Space Grey is the best color.

Also, D&D went pretty well and our paladin now has a pet mimic, so… that’s the important thing.

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Apple Cash.

Dense-but-fascinating look at Apple’s cash reserves (and loans and share buybacks).

One of the most interesting observations is, I think, the fact that Apple has so much cash because it’s so profitable it makes more money than it has things to spend it on; it basically spends as much money as it wants on R&D and still has scads of cash left over. Other companies with similar “problems”, i.e. Amazon, “solve” it by constantly expanding their business into different areas (cloud services, logistics, unstaffed grocery stores, etc.). But Apple… basically does exactly and only what Apple’s always done since it was founded; make personal computing devices.1

(And, well. There’s also this…)

  1. Unless, I dunno. The Apple Car gets announced in between when I put this post on the queue and when it pops off. Although, even then, modern cars—particularly of the electric variety—are arguably just “computers that move”, so… []
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