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Upcoming appearances!

For whatever reason, winter always seems to be my busy season for Author Appearances™, and this year is no different.

Panel assignments for Continuum have been handed out, so those of you who’re in the area will be able to listen to me ramble at:

  • Out in the Open. Fan fiction used to be hidden away, subject to takedown notices, and sometimes kept secret from friends and family. Now there are successful mainstream novels about fic writers and readers, and some creators allow writers to earn money from their work. Is this legitimisation or exploitation? What has been gained and what’s been lost in the process? (Sunday 10th June @ 4pm)

Continuum is always a lot of fun, and this year is looking to be especially awesome, with some amazing panels (and panelists) lined up. If you’re able to make it down to (or, alternately, live in) Melbourne over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend you should absolutely grab some tickets and go along.

While it’s still a little way away, I’ll also be assisting in a panel on Author Platforms for the CSFG June member’s meeting (20th June). We did one of these two years ago, and it seemed to go down pretty well, so it’ll be interesting to see what has and hasn’t changed in the intervening time (spoiler alert: the social media landscape is very different in this our post-CA/-GDPR world).

The meeting is open to all CSFG members, and if you’re in the area (i.e. Canberra) it’s absolutely worth joining up.

And, finally, to round off a busy authorial month: I’m taking a week off! By which I mean, “I’m taking a week off Day Job to try and finish up the dragon book, which got halfway done last year then put on hold for space demons.” So, yanno. A working holiday.

In other words: it’s gonna be a busy month.

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Conflux 13: Ye Panele Schedule.

Yikes. Only a week until Conflux 13? Where did that go?

For my sins, this year I will be appearing on four panels. They’re gonna be great. Y’all should come see them.

  • Magic systems in SF fiction: Friday, 29 September @ 10am.
  • Remembering Terry Pratchett: Saturday, 30 September @ 10am.
  • Reinventing the myth: Monday, 2 October @ 10:00am.
  • Wonderful, wide, weird, cruel & cool (worldbuilding): Monday, 2 October @ 1:30pm.

Or, actually. you should come see all of them except the Pratchett panel. Because I am totally, 100% going to cry in that and it’s going to be awkward for everyone. And by “awkward” I mean “amazing”. It’s going to be amazing. So come along!

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NYCC signing!

Holy crap I’m going to my first New York Comic Con.

Holy crap I’m going to be signing at my first New York Comic Con.

Thursday 8 October @ 4:00 p.m., in fact, at the Random House booth (#1515).

So… yeah. Come say hi and, uh, I’ll try not to be either too jetlagged or too awestruck to say hi in return.

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Post-NYCC author coffee shenanigans!

So for those of you who can’t make it to NYCC this year, but will be in town on the 12th, my benevolent corporate overlords, Penguin Random House, are hosting an author coffeeshop session from 11am to 1pm.

This is an awesome opportunity to meet a host of awesome authors, and also yours truly. RSVPs are required, so make sure to check out the event details at the Suvudu website. And hope to see you there!

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Post-NYCC Author Coffee Klatsch at Penguin Random House.

So hey. Are you in New York on 12 October? You wanna come meet a bunch of awesome authors, as well as yours truly? Then this is your bag, baby!

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Conflux schedule!

So this morning I ran my car into a wall in the carpark, got covered in dirt by a man blowing leaves, and then nearly got run down when I misjudged the traffic lights.

“What a terrible morning, Alis!” you say. To which I reply, No! It is a great morning! A fantastic morning! And why? Because today is my last day in the office for like a month. Woohoo!

Except my month off is not a holiday, at least not for the first couple of weeks. Because yes, that’s right, it’s con season, so it’s time to put in some appearances. Which is a thing I do now. I know, right?

Anyway. First con off the rank in our local, Conflux, wherein I will be panelling. So if you want to heckle,1 I can be found opining on:

  • Using grammar wot’s bad konstruktivlee, Sunday 4th October @ 1:30pm
  • Messing with mythology, Sunday 4th October @ 4:30pm
  • Food in fiction, Monday 5th October @ 10:00am
  • Real Vampires, Monday 5th October @ 3:30pm

You can also find me shilling other people’s books on behalf of the CSFG in the dealer’s room Saturday 3rd from 11am, so feel free to drop by and say hi. And also buy some books from our rad local authors, because the only thing more awesome than buying books is buying books from locals. True story.

See you there!

  1. Note: Don’t heckle. The other panellists don’t deserve it. []
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Continuum 11.

So Continuum 11 is on in a couple of weeks, and guess who’s going? That’s right, this noob.

I’m even going to be on some panels, because holy shit I mean what better way to spend My First1 Con, right? So if you happen to be in the area (i.e. Melbourne), you can find me talking on:

  • Feathered Dinosaurs, Friday 5 June @ 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Computer Geeks and Computer-Fail in Visual Media, Saturday 6 June @ 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

It’ll be awesome. And even more awesome is that I will be carrying around with me a deck of these babies:

Art by Kim Koskamp.

Taste the Lainbow.

Are these or are these not the coolest business cards in the universe? They’re so thick you could jimmy locks with them,2 and I was lucky enough to get Kim “NeoGeen” Koskamp to do the little Lain chibi. Which she absolutely knocked out of the fucking park. Unsurprisingly, because Neo has been my visual inspiration for the Wyrdverse since, well. Forever. Seriously, go check out her art. She’s great. And so wonderful to work with. Like, to the point where I don’t even want to give any of these cards out, because they are my precioussssssesssssss~!

But nah, seriously. Come say hi at the con, grab a card, and check out all the other freakin’ rad stuff to see and buy. It’ll be awesome, I swear.

  1. Well… not quite. But close enough. []
  2. Don’t do that, though. It’s illegal. []
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