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Removing Google from your Android phone.

Pretty much my only experience with Android is running emulators so I can play Ragnarok M on my computer and yeah even that is kind of a wild ride…

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The price of free is YOU.

Forget the government, it’s your phone apps that are chronically spying on you.

I got addicted to Clicker Heroes recently, which is one of those idle-/tapRPG games. I played it for about a week when I noticed my phone was absolutely destroying my data allowance.1 So I reset the “what apps have been using my data?” tab, let the phone run for a bit, came back to it and by far the biggest consumer of my 4G data? Clicker Heroes.

Uh. How ’bout no? I’ve got no idea why an offline game should be chattier over the internet than, say, Tumblr, but I don’t like it. So that got its internet access disabled.

Thankfully, it still worked afterwards.2 The last app I went through something similar with, Kim Kardashian: Hollywoood, didn’t. Which, incidentally, is why I no longer play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

  1. Shock, horror! Yes, some of us still have those in some parts of the world. []
  2. I assume now it just saves up all its spying data and pumps it back when I reconnect to wifi. []
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The words Android doesn’t know.

WIRED describes these as “banned” words, but they aren’t really banned per se. It’s more invidious than that, I think; they’re words the Android dictionary doesn’t recognise as words. That’s political. That’s always political, even if it’s not always consciously political.

(And, to be fair, here’s the Apple-equivalent article.)

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