Authorial 2020 todo list:

  • Move store from Woo to Gumroad, probably (to simplify website). Done.
  • Start chucking Liesmith up on Wattpad/etc. (Scheduled for later this month, when the current KDP Select enrollment expires.)
  • Put Stormbringer in KDP Select for a bit.
  • Ebook formats for Dragon of Rosemont High.
  • Demon book maybe?
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Todone: I fixed up my Dreamwidth importer so I’m now only keeping about a month’s backlog of posts there. After that, they get deleted from DW and any comments get imported back to the archive on my main blog (as currently happens with Tumblr).1

Also, in light of this discussion, I’ve added a page that describes more clearly how my blog’s Tumblr and Dreamwidth mirrors work.

Tl;dr, if you want to comment on a post, do it wherever is best for you. But is the “permanent”/long-term archive.2

  1. Still buggy: Import encoding is borked, but… I can’t be bothered trying to unravel it enough to fix it. Bleurgh. []
  2. Because it’s the platform I control, basically. You know how I don’t flip out about third-party platforms selling out or folding and losing content because of it? This is why. []
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So I’ve been trying to get the ActivityPub WordPress plugin working at for a while, to no avail. I’d kind of narrowed it down to it tripping over some kind of nginx config error, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what, exactly.

Then, today, I actually (ahem) bothered to check the site error logs. And, er. The plugin issues listing on Github. Which… helpful, turns out.

So apparently the default WordPress nginx config file I’ve been using prohibits access to period-prefixed files. Unfortunately, ActivityPub’s Webfinger endpoint thingie is a /.well-known, so it was getting 403’d. Knowing that, plus actually bothering to read this issue, and I added the following just above the existing dot-prefix deny directive:

location ~ /\.well-known {
  allow all;
  try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

And, well. Et violà!

Mastodon interface profile for Screenshot.


So, yeah. Now if you need yet another channel for me to spam you on, you can find it at on the Fediverse!

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