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A story about onions.

So like Never Forget when my mother-in-law sent us to a class with a professional chef, who was trying to teach us how to cut onions properly. And he kept talking about the “top” of the onion and pointing to where the roots come out. And the whole class was like… giving all these furtive looks. Like this was a Professional Chef… did he know something about onions we didn’t?

Turns out no. He just… didn’t know how fucking onions work.

Like yeah I learned stuff in the class I still use, and we went back to a few more and they were always great, but. Fuck.

Onions, man. Onions.

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… this is the most White Girl Drunk bottle of wine I’ve ever seen.

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Like water into whiskey.

The rough science behind adding water to whiskey.

I admit I both like peaty whiskey–if it’s doesn’t taste like a hellhound’s piss, why bother?–and am a massive snob about not diluting it with water or ice, but… I’ve come to terms with my hypocrisy.

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The Dry States.

Places where Prohibition never ended.

I could talk crap about this, except for that fact that I live in one of the few places in Australia that did, in fact, also attempt to enforce prohibition. A grand history which is now memorialised by:

  1. a notorious pub, named after prohibition’s advocate
  2. multiple hipster whiskey/cocktail bar speakeasies, and
  3. my local bottle-o,1 which is just straight-up called “prohibition”.


  1. Read: “place that sells alcohol”, to you non-Aussies. []
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