A pink sea dragon winds through blue water, overlaid by the book's title contents.

Alis is a thirtysomething Australian aficionado of books, monsters, and books about monsters. Sometimes she even writes them herself. When she’s not doing that, she also occasionally codes, blogs, reviews books by other people, and makes bad art.

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Adventures in BuJo, week 2.

A few wonky lines, but not too bad for Week #2. Also rounded corner boxes are a huge pain, as it turns out. Materials: Paperblanks dot grid journal. Copic SP 0.5 and BS. White Uni-ball Signo white broad. Tombow ABT 992 & 126 (plus more for the moth).


Pretty excited Louise Pieper won the Best Fantasy Short Story Aurealis Award for “Truth be Told”, one of the stories we put in our Unnatural Order monster anthology.1 The whole book was also nominated [...]

Quick doodle of my FFXIV character, Laqis.

  1. Not playing favorites but totally playing favorites because it was one of mine. Favorites. I mean. []
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