A pink sea dragon winds through blue water, overlaid by the book's title contents.

Alis is a thirtysomething Australian aficionado of books, monsters, and books about monsters. Sometimes she even writes them herself. When she’s not doing that, she also occasionally codes, blogs, reviews books by other people, and makes bad art.

If you’d prefer, she can also be found on Mastodon, Dreamwidth, Twitter, and Tumblr, or followed directly here via RSS, or @alis@alis.me on ActivityPub.

They’re he-ee-ee-ere!

The Unnatural Order print proofs arrived and... yes. Yes, that'll do nicely. (Now if only Ingram wasn't loading at a snail's pace for some reason I could start shipping these babies out...)

Liesmith, chapter 24.

They broke through the fog on the outskirts of the LB campus. Looking up at the huge, gleaming glass-and-steel monstrosity, Sigmund felt nearly light-headed from relief. They’d made it. Whatever stuff came next, at least they were out of the fucking fog.

Quick doodle of my FFXIV character, Laqis.

Sketchdump amnesty.

Cleaning up the 5,000+ photos on my phone and… have a random assortment of old-ass art.

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