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Wyrdverse, Conflux, and Kickstarters (oh my)!

A new-old Wyrdverse book! A Kickstarter of inspiring, antifascist specfic! Knitted robots! Unconventional heroes! Oh my, it must be spring again. Why does everything always seem to come at a rush, this time of year?

… nice.

So it's been almost exactly two years (with a break in the middle to write the DEMONS... IN SPACE!!!! book) but... it is done! At least, the draft is! This turned out shorter than I was aiming for, i.e. 80k, but that seems to be a trend in my writing [...]

Author Platforms discussion.

Just a quick reminder that tonight I'll be at the Hellenic Club in the City, talking about Author Platforms for the CSFG with co-panelists Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Chris Andrews. I've been a member of the CSFG for a few years now, and they're all lovely people and an excellent resource for Canberra-based speculative fiction [...]