A pink sea dragon winds through blue water, overlaid by the book's title contents.

Alis is a thirtysomething Australian aficionado of books, monsters, and books about monsters. Sometimes she even writes them herself. When she’s not doing that, she also occasionally codes, blogs, reviews books by other people, and makes bad art.

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Finished reading: My Inner Bimbo

Sam Keith does for, uh, bimboification comics (and selkies) what he previously did for superheroes with The Maxx. This is a difficult (and, one can't help but feel, not just a little bit autobiographical) read and won't be for everyone. It deals with sex and male neurosis, particularly as the [...]

Thursday @ 3:14 pm

Obviously the first thing I used the Lain paperdoll for was dressing him up in his previous incarnation's previous incarnation's clothes...

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