The Dragon of Rosemont High, finale.

The Lyddans do show up, Zoe tells him later. With the cops and even an ambulance. The last Zoe saw, they’d been taking Jake away on a stretcher.

Wyrdverse print editions!

So my rights reversion for Liesmith and Stormbringer finally came through from Penguin Random House, and you know what that means? […]

Books read for February 2019.

Whyborne and Griffin versus family obligations. Resisting fascism with liberal communist tendencies. Fighting racism and monsters with Elena Abbott... or just outright boning them with the SID. And finally, welcome back... to Night Vale.

Books read for October/November 2018.

Frankenstein, Cthulhu, the creeping totalitarianism of neoliberal capitalism, the rise of the American alt-right, and the crumbling legacy of the American centrists. Or, in other words, two whole months of monsters!