Welcome to the website of Australian urban fantasy author, Alis Franklin. Being an author, sometimes she writes books (sometimes you can even read them). Want to know a little bit more about her? Check out what she’s been reading recently, or get a chance to meet up in the Really Real World? Then again, maybe you’re just listen to her rant? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

The Dragon of Rosemont High, ch. 10.

“You’re a minor and your dad’s loaded. You’d be surprised how much that gets you.” They aren’t followed. Eli doesn’t think too hard on why, just hurtles with Zoe as fast as they can down the mountain. It doesn’t last long. Zoe is good at many things, but running isn’t [...]

The Dragon of Rosemont High, ch. 5.

“Its not 1692 anymore. Witchcraft isn’t illegal.” When he finally finds Zoe at lunchtime—dressed in an Attack on Titan Survey Corps uniform—she double takes. “What happened to your face?” she asks, incredulous. “Huh?” He didn’t think the Goon Squad roughed him up that badly. Zoe makes a gesture in her [...]

Confessions of a failed author.

So... I got some shitty news yesterday; the final reader for my YA dragon shapeshifter novel passed. Which, for those of you not in "the industry", means that the book has now been formally rejected by every major Big 5 publisher. ((Not, uh. That the editor died. "Passed" is the [...]