The Dragon of Physical Copies.

Guess who finally got around to formatting the physical copies for The Dragon of Rosemont High? Woot. Currently live at Amazon, with direct channels coming soon.

UNNATURAL ORDER interview season.

Lyss and I answer a bunch of questions about the Unnatural Order anthology. Including some Hot Tips for those of you thinking of submitting a story!


First warm week of weather of the year...


Ye Obligatorie Purple Tiefling D&D Character. This is Isa “Soos” Beni-Azharul, a lawful neutrevil Tempest-domain Cleric/Blue-Dragonblooded Sorcerer whose favorite weapons are a whip and a trident. Their most prized possession is Growley, a masterwork stuffed worg plushie. Their signature moves are to use a reaction to lightning bolt anyone who [...]

Slowly… art!

Oh yeah. The thing I mostly did today while booth-manning? Worked on coloring bigboy/-non-gendered-demonic-entity Lee. I'm actually kind of happy how the linework turned out on this, so now it's just, like... trying to figure out how to actually color lineworked art, since I, like. Don't. Normally.