Liesmith, chapter 16.

Alis’s Note ... aa-aa-and part three surprise genre change! Sixteen The night started out awesome: ice cream, video games, nail polish, and Em. A real girls’ night in, doing girly things, to make up for all the time Em had been spending recently with that guy she’d met online. LambChop, [...]

Liesmith, chapter 15.

Lain burns down Sigmund's house. David has a gun. Baldr loses an eye. Everyone is having kind of a terrible day.

Laqis dress-ups.

Messing around with dress-ups for Laqis... also getting used to quick-and-dirty ways of painting/sketching in Clip Studio. Wings and tail not included for space/speed/laziness reasons. The first is their "standard" outfit, the second for traipsing about the wilderness in the cold, then a ballgown, then a Fancyman Lord outfit, then [...]


More quick D&D doodles. DnDoodles. Ziggy is a gnome artificer and would-be revolutionary who wants to stick it to House Cannith. The party found him running a brainwashing cult on behalf of Law-aligned outsiders, smashed up the cult in the Goat Incident, and somewhat forcibly removed him on behalf of [...]


… is this literally the first time I’ve ever drawn Sigmund looking angry? Quite possibly! Anyway, if you wanted to know how to draw an ACAB bindrune... enjoy. ((The translation is... approximate, since the word "cops" obviously didn't exist in Old Icelandic and "bastard" may not have had quite the [...]

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