Liesmith, chapter 7.

Sigmund signs a form, has an awkward conversation, and asks Lain out on a date. To play Dungeons and Dragons.

Liesmith, chapter 6.

Sigmund goes camping and falls off a cliff. Lain tells lies and wins Fantales. Also: there are Feelings.

Space idiots.

From the left: Legion Director Haborym Lee (demon of Lilith's brood), Sgt. Devid “Davey” Chaudhry (retired space marine, possessed host), Park “Rose” Jang-mi (lawyer, witch). I re-drew Rose's face like twelve times and I'm still not happy with it, but... hm. Davey is also technically Lee!Davey, hence the very... un-Davey [...]

Rage with the machines.

More different Laqis from a separate, Eberron-based campaign; this time they’re a planar tiefling born in Adar in a coterminous manifest zone of Lamannia, because of course they are. Laqis is also an agrarian socialist whose budding mission involves bringing unionization to the warforged of Sharn. For bonus points, the [...]

Do I like what you like?

Haven't drawn these two in ages; Lain and random's Miriah, inspired by their Ultimate Frenemy OTP Song coming up (a har) randomly on iTunes one day...